Eric Whitacre & Polyphony

Lux aurumque

Latin Lyrics:

calida gravisque pura velut aurum
et canunt angeli molliter
modo natum.

English Lyrics:

warm and heavy as pure gold
and the angels sing softly
to the new-born baby. - Edward Esch

Whitacre had the poem translated into Latin for his setting.

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  • Lyn says

    my high school honors ensemble just sang this song at our christmas concert and i'm pretty sure it was the best piece we've done all year!

    posted 22 December 2008 - Report

  • Bryan says

    i played this is a year or two ago when i was in high school, and it is still the best piece we have performed. you can never go wrong with chorals or whitacre. :)

    posted 25 December 2008 - Report

  • Jason says

    I wish our music department knew about Eric W. when I was in high school. I would have loved to play/sing anything of his.

    posted 23 April 2009 - Report

  • sarah says

    we are playing this piece for our x-mas concert. our teacher was telling us about it and how he felt about this. i thought it was pretty AWESOME!!! it just rocks my socks off!

    posted 12 November 2009 - Report

  • Bruce says

    This song brings me to weep every time I hear it.

    posted 08 December 2009 - Report

  • Will says

    For "gravis" I would try 'profound' as a poetic translation.

    posted 20 March 2010 - Report

  • Clare says

    The original English lyrics by Edward Esch, as quoted on Eric Whitacre's website ( are:

    warm and heavy as pure gold
    and angels sing softly
    to the new-born babe.

    posted 02 May 2010 - Report

  • Sam says

    My high school choir just went to new york and sang this, among other songs, in carnegie hall...with Eric Whitacre. Best experience of my life.

    posted 23 July 2010 - Report

  • kes says

    Any chance that the word "modo" is actually the word "novo" in Latin? That would seem to be truer to the original English. I took a lotta years of Latin back in the day.

    posted 02 February 2013 - Report

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