G. Love

Beautiful - G. Love, Tristan Prettyman

Well you say I’m crazy cause I can’t make up my mind
But I wont let it faze me instead ill leave all these thoughts behind
Cause you say that you got someone who’s wasting your time
Well that’s alright cause I got someone who’s wasting mine
It’s in the way you move
Baby what you’re doing to me
I can’t stand it I can’t hold back
Every time I see ya, you get beautiful beautiful
It’s in the way you do
Baby what you’re doing to me
The way you shine, strum your cords, the way your mine
The way you sing your words

It aint my fault I’m falling
Cause you got what it takes
Earth quakes couldn’t shake this
Foundation that were building off of. An awful long time I waited but I never lose faith
I need someone like you here cause I'm crazy Libra babe.
Always searching for balance sometimes I choose right or wrong you know its just a challenge but Gemini if we try you and I we will find all the time we wasting just gave us time to find each other

Peanut butter jelly, bread and butter

No you were never second best
Wouldn’t let you settle for less
Aw babe that’s for sure and here you come down with the confidence now
Cause you had me at first glance
Baby what you’re doing to me
Aw babe that’s for sure
And now you give me that feeling feeling feeling
Aw honey your dangerous
Baby what you’re doing to me
Aw babe that’s for sure
Well here you come knocking on my hotel door
And you bless me never stress me
Come caress me
Darling like the wind caressed a tree
Tugging on my skirt taking off my shirt
Whatever you’re doing well it seems to work

Hold me down...
Baby what you’re doing to me
Hold me down...
Baby what you’re doing to me...
You know you give me that feeling feeling

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  • Jane says

    coupla the lyrics are wrong...

    it doesnt say bread and butter it just says butte twice as an effect

    cool wind rest a tree its says like a cool wind caresses a tree...

    good job otherwise

    posted 23 December 2006 - Report

  • lauren says

    actually the song DOES say peanut butter jelly, bread and butter.

    posted 27 December 2006 - Report

  • Joe says

    No, it doesnt. She sings peanut butter jelly, butta butta.

    posted 12 January 2007 - Report

  • Rae says


    peanut butter jelly, butta butta.

    Lauren, youre wrong.

    sorry girl ha.

    posted 13 January 2007 - Report

  • corinne says

    Lauren kiddo you're wrong.


    posted 17 January 2007 - Report

  • frankie Marin says

    ok theres a couple different versions of the song. one says butta butta ones says bread and butter, so EVERYONES right!

    posted 21 January 2007 - Report

  • Dana says

    on tristan's myspace, under a picture of her and g love, it says "peanut butta jelly, bread and butter."

    posted 28 February 2007 - Report

  • ethel says

    and it's not:
    I meet some one like you yea I’m crazy people beg


    I need someone like you here I'm crazy Libra babe.

    posted 18 April 2007 - Report

  • Arielle says

    Why would it be butta butta?
    It's like peanut butter goes with jelly, and bread goes with butter.
    It's that simple.
    Why on earth would they write butta butta?

    posted 26 April 2007 - Report

  • zoe says

    omgshhhh you guys are retarded.
    lauren is right.

    go to tristan prettyman's myspace and look at her picture with G love.
    and thennnn tell us it isn't

    "bread and butter"

    posted 28 June 2007 - Report

  • Jennifer says

    Okay, I thought it was butta butta and I've them perform it live TWICE. But the website says bread and butter. I'm still gonna sing BUTTA BUTTA cause I like that better LOL Hell, who cares what he sings there. He is so FIIIIINE! The talent and the looks and the intensity live. Then, as if all that isn't enough, the milk and cereal with little G just seals the deal. I'd shut the stall door with Garrett! LOL

    posted 08 June 2009 - Report

  • eliza says

    ahh i love this song

    posted 14 July 2009 - Report

  • Meg says

    Yep Tristan's Myspace pic with Garrett says Bread and Butter...but I get lyrics wrong allll the time, and I originally thought it was peanut butter jelly, nutter butter (like the cookie!) HAHA

    posted 04 August 2009 - Report

  • yourmama says

    precisley...butta butta LMFAO!!!

    posted 27 October 2009 - Report

  • yourmama says

    who says that hahahahah!!!

    posted 27 October 2009 - Report

  • outlaw 999 says

    ah blahlah la la blahahad

    posted 11 January 2010 - Report

  • boss says

    it sounds like butta butta in the video maybe they just did it for the video

    posted 09 June 2010 - Report

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