Jonathan Nelson

My Name Is Victory

I've got evidence
I've got confidence
I'm a conqueror
I know that I win

I know who I am
God wrote it in his plan for me

Oh, Oh-Oh, Oh, Oh,

God gave me AUTHORITY
To conquer THE ENEMY
He wrote in MY DESTINY
That my name is VICTORY
He said that I've OVERCOME
He wrote in my DESTINY
That my name is VICTORY

iknow who i am
God wrote it in His plan for me


I know my identity, my name is victory!!

That's my name...

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  • Briana Pierson says

    This is 1 of my favorite songs

    posted 04 November 2008 - Report

  • troy mclean says

    God bless u my brother that song have encourage me so much it became the anthem of my life my name is victory

    posted 09 November 2008 - Report

  • Chelsea says

    OH MY GOD i love this song...this song has made me a better person and more stronger in God

    posted 17 November 2008 - Report

  • Jackie says

    This has been "the" song for my season...but I thought it was by another popular artist. I am impressed with the talents of Jonathan Nelson (who I just discovered).

    posted 05 December 2008 - Report

  • Jarielle says

    hey i really like this song

    posted 22 January 2009 - Report

  • Monica says

    I love this song the choir I sing in at Flatrock Missionary Baptist church High Praise we will be singing this song once we rehearse this

    posted 02 February 2009 - Report

  • jessica says

    I love thi ssong it motivates me when i am feeling down and out and think that no one cares

    posted 20 February 2009 - Report

  • Eugenia says

    I love this song , It gives me the courage to face any obstacles

    posted 15 March 2009 - Report

  • Chelsea Catlin says

    This is a great song! I am in the Mime ministry at my church with a few other friends and we are preparing to dance to this song.

    posted 01 April 2009 - Report

  • najee says

    we singing this song for boys choir this is a good

    posted 26 April 2009 - Report

  • jasmin justice says

    this is a great song.
    i listen to this all day long.
    it's awsome!
    next time try not to use the L word.

    posted 04 May 2009 - Report

  • Tia says

    I love this song it awesome and so true keep letting God use you Johnathan Nelson your a blessing.

    posted 22 September 2009 - Report

  • Janet Pickering says

    This song is soooooo good! i have been trying to find it for a couple of days and couldn't. But ah at last i found it. I am a member of a local Church Choir and we are rehearsing this song. We have already sung Champions which fit right in with the sermon that was preached on that Sunday.

    My name is Victory is a very powerful song as well as Champions these two song gave me more courage to stand no matter what.

    A BIG Thank You Jonathan!

    posted 01 October 2009 - Report

  • Sanchia says

    i love this song, our choir is in training to produce a similar version of Jonathan Nelson, but without lead. Beautiful, beautiful song loves it

    posted 10 March 2010 - Report

  • Manasseh. says

    My mass choir is presenting this song at our covention from 16-23 of this August. The song is a greate one.

    posted 07 August 2010 - Report

  • lisa says

    anyone have a scripture reference for this song?

    posted 02 August 2012 - Report

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