Marlo Thomas

Don't Dress Your Cat In An Apron - Billy De Wolfe

Don't dress your cat in an apron
Just 'cause he's learning to bake.

Don't put your horse in a nightgown
Just 'cause he can't stay awake.

Don't dress your snake in a muu-muu
Just 'cause he's off on a cruise.

Don't dress your whale in galoshes
If she really prefers overshoes.

A person should wear what he wants to
And not just what other folks say.

A person should do what he likes to -
A person's a person that way.

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  • zed says

    Nice poem...but I'm a little taken aback by the presumption of ownership...
    Everybody *KNOWS* that you don't *OWN* a only live in their house with them
    And how many people do you know owns a whale? These creatures need to be free from the enslavement of human made captivity.
    You should now *OWN* these can co-habitate and assist them in their journey in life, but let them be as free and they can within bounds of safety!

    posted 15 July 2010 - Report

  • Morgan says

    dude, it's a poem about freeing people from idealistic expectations. such as, women should do this but cannot do that because it's a mans job, and whatnot. it's not legitimately serious, obviously. cat's don't bake and whales don't wear shoes. it's trying to prove a point, which you're unsuccessfully belittling.

    posted 16 July 2010 - Report

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