Peter Sarstedt

Take Off Your Clothes

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*** Take Off Your Clothes ***

Take off your clothes,
Let me see what it is that your hiding
And don't look so shocked
You have nothing to fear from my eyes

My daddy, is a priest you know
And I am, not a beast you now

I just, want to love (x2)

Take off your clothes,
And stand naked as nature intended
And I'll take off mine,
Just to show you that I'm in good faith

I just, want to look (x2)

Well now you can see,
It isn't as bad as all that
So lie on the bed,
And I'll talk of my unhappy childhood

My daddy, is the pope you know
And I just, want to grope you know
I just want to feel (x2)

It will not hurt
I promise you that, cross my heart
The first time is always the best
You can ask anybody - ask your mother!

I just, want to feel (x2)

Well how can you say that
I brought you here just for one purpose
There are thousands of girls
I could get, if I just wanted that - yes there are

I just, want to love (x2)

Well how does it feel
Now that you are no longer a maiden
What do you mean? You want more?
And you want it right now? - oh my god

I just, want to sleep (x2)

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Take Off Your Clothes Video

Peter Sarstedt - Take Off Your Clothes (Original Version 1969): All rights belong to EMI. (video from YouTube)

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  • betty says

    This song sounds very like 'komm zieh dich aus' by georg danzer (1977)yet both singers say it is their composition?

    posted 06 May 2009 - Report

  • Jim says

    Betty, forget Georg, Peter Sarstedt released this on an album in 1969, 8 years before your friend. In any case who cares, it is a nice suggestive yet funny ditty.

    posted 24 October 2009 - Report

  • Jackie says

    I haven't heard this song since 1969 - just as it was banned by the BBC!! One of my schoolfriends had the record and as young girls we found it hilarious and the whole class (all 13 of us!) would often be heard singing it at the top of our lungs during the lunch breaks on a rainy day when we couldn't go outside! Aww...what memories that evokes!!

    posted 11 November 2009 - Report

  • Jennifer says

    I remember going to discos at a hotel in Durban South Africa in 1969. They always used to play it usually as the last or sometimes the second to last song of the evening when everyone had changed from hectic Rock 'n Roll or doing the Twist to more romantic songs involving dancing in close embrace. It had very suggestive lyrics and was definitely not something sheltered South Africans of those days were used to and was in our day quite shocking! I was not surprised when it was banned but I must say I was disappointed as I used to look forward to it at the end of the evening. It was always a very romantic way to end the evening.
    I always thought it was the narrow-minded South African government of the day which had banned it but now I read in Jackie's comment above that it was actually banned by the BBC. I have only heard the song played once since then at a pub in Southbroom on the south coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal about 10 years ago.
    I would love to get a copy of a CD or DVD with it on as it would bring back memories. I wish I new of where to get hold of a copy.

    posted 11 May 2010 - Report

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