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It All Belongs to You - Voices of Unity, Haddon, Deitrick lyrics

My heart my mind my soul belongs to you
My love my life it all belongs to you
Belongs to you
Oh Yeah
Belongs to you
My heart (my heart) my mind (my mind) my soul belongs to you
My love (say my love) my life it all belongs to you
Belongs to you

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Comments on It All Belongs to You - Voices of Unity, Haddon, Deitrick

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  • Mapie 0 points

    love this song so much that I have to interpret it in a festival of praise, but the problem is that I am francophone.J 'So I need the feelings that Damita did in this song. Sil Please help me, thank you in advance.

  • Jude Okeke 0 points

    This song... Hmmmm. So full of anointing and the power behind the voice is amazing. I sleep with it everyday and always have an encounter. God be praised in her life. Am so blessed by this.

  • chicks 0 points

    This song inspires me wen ever i listen to it...
    I so much LOVE It

  • Senyo 0 points

    This a song of inspiration from God . Yes all belong to God . He is all in all God . I love this song . So sweet can move God on His throne ...

  • Miracle 0 points

    The fst day i had this song i was insparad and i plean to present it in a musical consard thanks

  • [email protected] 0 points

    cette chanson c'etait vraiment inspirer par la puissance de l'espirt divine,c'est une chanson qui amène à la profondeur jusqu'au parvis du Dieu très haut...haddon deitrick god bless you!!!to god be the glory..Michée Tambwe

  • TINA 0 points


  • Soster 0 points

    Yes, all belongs to Him. Sweet song. Thanks

  • sunday fache 0 points

    dis song has been my strienght and hope?

  • John 0 points

    Wow, I believe heaven is rejoicing over this awesome art, keep it up.

  • Rosey.N 0 points

    Infant i so much luv dis song to d estend have been trying to get d lyrics from google, and have got it today i tank God for using haddon to minister dis melondious song to our life. 14th, november 2012.

  • Denise 0 points

    This song has truly ministered to me especially as I have a 17 yr old who has been in a coma for 3 mts. Makes me realize it really. ALL belongs to Him, we are nothing without Christ our lives are so fragile and are in His hands.

    My life belongs to you Lord.

  • EnencheP 0 points

    I really love this song. All we've belongs to God. He got the world in His hands.

  • EnencheP 0 points

    I really love this song, all we've got belongs to God, He created us all, He got us all and the whole world in His hands.

  • EnencheP 0 points

    I really love this song, all we've got belongs to God, He created us all, He got us all and the whole world in His hands.

  • Sajoe (Mr White), Agbor, Delta state, Nigeria 0 points

    this is a wondafu song and i pray God 2 give her more inspiration for more songs cos this is a hope buildin song

  • Sara 0 points

    This song give me hope when i listen it i worship God for all things He does in my life

  • claudia 0 points

    cette chanson est excellente, elle edifie reellement, et donne la sensation d'etre directement avc Dieu. k'il est merveilleux de chanter ainsi pour le Seigneur, tout t(appartient mon Seigneur. Amen!!!

  • grace 0 points

    i thank Gor for ds song its been on my phone for a while,after listening to it ds morning i had to google it which brogt me to ds site im grateful i did,all blongs to Him,amen

  • princess 0 points

    wow, this song really touched my soul and i can just in one day snot sing the song, i love the song so much thks god bless you

  • GIDO 0 points

    wow 2day d 23rd of sept 2012 my church choir sang this song nd evryone felt d song,nd i had 2 go d d lyrics , wow dis is awesome, DAMITA keep it up nd more anointing of GOD on ur head,thnk i will share it on facebook GOD BLEX DAMITTA, GOD BLEX DEITRICK ND GOD BLEX VOICES OF VICTORY, WE WILL SING DIS SONG IN HEAVEN SEE U ALL THERE

  • Princess 0 points

    Wow, dis song really touched my heart. I love it so much, it one of my best songs, i always love listening to it every blessed day of my life. Thank you

  • Princess 0 points

    Wow, dis song really touched my heart. I love it so much, it one of my best songs, i always love listening to it every blessed day of my life. Thank you

  • linda 0 points

    wow, so amazing indeed it all belongs to God , the lyrics of this song is something i can,t do without . the voice is super wish i had such voice .the very first time i heard this song i felt like i was on top of the world knowing my place in God and all dat belongs to him. this is the best song i 've ever listen to since this year. Damita may God reward you for the lyrics of this song .

  • Gladys 0 points

    waooooo! i love this son. i think i will never forget the morning i listened this son on LMtv. bon courage à toi and remain blessed!!

  • wao wamola 0 points

    I have listened to the first time during my night shift at work, I must confess I am greatly blessed by it. It has made my night shift shorter, as I could listened to it the whole night. Haddon be blessed!!!

  • Eszywalt 0 points

    God bless u all.

  • Eszywalt 0 points

    Dis song is truely a song,its revived me again.may my heavenly father bless u guys d more.one luv.

  • Eszywalt 0 points

    Dis song is truely a song,its revived me again.may my heavenly father bless u guys d more.one luv.

  • Simon Julius 0 points

    I neva knew wat d song was talking abt, nt until today dat God HIMSELF told me wat it means

  • Deborah M. Ayehtey 0 points

    I just cant stop singing this song. My whole world belongs to u because without u in the boat, there will be no smile at the storm.

  • ThankGod 0 points

    Wow,splendid,great,marvelous,miraculous and inspirational,i love the song,i cant do without playing it 4 a day,God wil strenghten u more,more grace i ask God 2 give to u

  • Emmanuel 0 points

    Well the song is an inspirational one it all belongs to God and God only nt me not you i pray that more grace be give to u Damita to honor God

  • Emmanuel 0 points

    Well the song is an inspirational one it all belongs to God and God only nt me not you i pray that more grace be give to u Damita to honor God

  • Emmanuel 0 points

    Well the song is an inspirational one it all belongs to God and God only nt me not you i pray that more grace be give to u Damita to honor God

  • Splendour 0 points

    Everything we have in this life belongs to God esp the air we breath which can never be bought by money. So as we see a new dawn of every morning,we should learn to say thank you to the owner which is our God almighty. Am so so so inspired by this song and to the writer..... I LOVE U.

  • moono 0 points

    Dis song kip me goin,i bliv it o blongs 2 my God i dnt hv 2 wory on nthin bt lev it 2 hm.bles u o 4 de beautifu song.

  • Uta 0 points

    God bles u real good for this wonderful song.it is really a song of total surrender and dedication

  • Bavern 0 points

    hmmmm this song really turns me inside-out.i love this song so so much.God bless you,Dammita

  • rachel 0 points

    i love this song,it has really changed my life.i heard it recently and i got to know that this song is ministrying to me. Damita God bless u and prosper u amen!!

  • priscilla 0 points

    i jux love this song so much.it really quickens and awakens my spirit.God bless u Damita

  • Eugene 0 points

    Dis song is something like that. Anytime i hear it, anytime i speak out the lyrics, it feels like an awakening to my spirit. God bless the artist for blessing us with this song.

  • lola 002 0 points

    i love song of god

  • amaka 0 points

    hi damita, d first time i heard this song i fell in love with God again. it is indeed a love song to God.

  • folashade 0 points

    this song is simply inspiring and makes me wanna give more to God

  • tony 0 points

    Great song...thank God for it....does anybody know the chords ? email me pliz

  • Ansah Emmanuel 0 points

    this is too good

  • helen ruky 0 points

    this song is da bomb my church choir will be doing it on the Sunday of the crowning of our youth convention in Nigeria with a theme THE ANCIENT LANDMARK. this song speaks of total commitment to God. u're the best Sister Damita thanx 4 being available for God's use

  • Milkah Kimani 0 points

    God bless you!!! This song is amazing,I cant help listening to it over and over again.Can we have some chords as well.

  • Emeka 0 points

    This song never ceases to bless me each and everytime i hear it.
    It shows how great our God is.

  • berny 0 points

    i love this song soooooooo much . God be magnified . God bless you Haddon .

  • vida 0 points

    I heard the song about a month ago and I have never stopped listening to it this song is just beautiful and may the almighty God bless you and fill you with more of such spirit filled songs it came to me at a pefect time

  • Jahzreal 0 points

    Dis song is so imparting & spirit filled.I Cant go on a day without listening to it.

  • Renate 0 points

    I heard this song on radio and i jus heard to come look for it. am at a point in life where surrender is the only option. i realised that this life aint mine but "it all belongs to You Lord."

  • davie kamushy 0 points

    it has become a living normality rto have this song in my mind. i sing all the time. its a great blessing to me

  • Juliet 0 points

    I love this song so much, the voice, the choir, the format. I like this song.

  • Maria 0 points

    I so love this song, everything belongs eo the Lord for show. This is one of the best songs I've ever heard. I have surely turned everything to God. Thanx Damitta and may God bless you...

  • Nicole 0 points

    Hello. Around six this morning while I was a sleep, this song, "It all belongs to you" played on my radio and ministered to my spirit. I was extremely tired but there was something about this song that made me get up inspite of and dance. I am supposed to be ministering in my church in August coming through dance and I was in search of a song. When I least expect it, I didn't find a song, one found me in my sleep and ministered to my spirit. I felt a sweep of inexpressible joy within my spirit, an aching to just stay where I was and worship. "This song is perfect to express my love to you" I told my heavenly Father. Never before have I ever made a comment about anything I liked song wise, but I was led to comment on this song and to encourage you Haddon to continue to allow the spirit of the living God to use you to do his work. May God bless you now and always.

  • chioma 0 points

    What a wounderful song,am highly inclined to the lyrics of this song, it is a motivational song,it draws me closer to God whenever i listen to it. Really is an inspiration to me. I love Damita Remain blessed.

  • farah 0 points

    I love Damita so much.this song really touch my heart and make make take God real serious! I mean go to church every time my heart desire!and praise and worship the Lord !! I'm so gonna sing this song it's a beautiful song!!

  • kemi 0 points

    The lyrics is ok and its full of dedicational words.,

  • tinashe 0 points

    i jusss luv this song, the singer and the God who created the singer. everytym i listen to it all closed doors jusss open wide 4 me.

  • joan 0 points

    this is an awesome song...i cant get enough of it

  • joan 0 points

    cant get enough of this song...awesome

  • Paul O 2 0 points

    Its simply awesome. its a prayer of commitment that conforms wit Rom 12v1. I guess we should sing it every day. God bless you Damita.

  • Moses Ndifreke 0 points

    The very first day i listen, to the song, it touch my heart and i was crying. God bless you and give you more inspiration

  • dayooke 0 points

    God bless you real good.I just can't stop listening to this song because it ministers to my soul.

  • I love ur song 0 points

    The lord Jesus wil bless ur voice.

  • Bola 0 points

    This is a live reviving song. Wow! Keeps you stuck in the place of worship. Thanks for allowing the Holyspirit a place in your heart. I join you to say everything about me belong to the Lover of my soul.

  • Vincent 0 points

    From the first time I heard this song it ministered to me and tells me a surrendered life is what Jesus Christ wants with all of His creation and that means me and this I give to Him, Thank you Damita and may the Lord continue to inspire you with such beautiful songs that draws others to Him.

  • Randolph 0 points

    This is soooo amazing.. wow... i want the chords for this song, can anyone help me out???? does anyone know the guitar chords for the song???????

  • Esther 0 points

    I can't just stop listening to this song,am really in love with it.this song touches my heart anytime i hear it

  • ohiolei 0 points

    i love damita, she has really been a blessing to me through her song, may god continue to give her more strength and not to backslide

  • Eths 0 points

    'It all belong to you Jesus'. This song is trully a soul searching tool. I,ve played this song from 1pm to after midnight non-stop, and believe it or not i awake this morning and i'm on it again. Sis. Damita really has a voice of worship. To God be the Glory.I can feel His anointing in this.
    Yes, I surrender it all..Yes i turn...
    My God!

  • Semmaboye 0 points

    This is one song that has contnually bless my soul each time i hear it, God bless damita real good what a voice.

  • kate 0 points

    wow i must say this music has really touch my life
    the brought me back to God,infact i cant just tell u how happy i am each time i hear this music.

  • Abraham 0 points

    This song brought me back home. I was almost loosing d purpose of my being, but d song made me realise all I was blessd and endowed with, was'nt 4 me alone but 4 his glory and the least I culd do is turn them all over to christ. God bless u voices of unity!!! Ur a blessing 2 d world!

  • nay 0 points

    i love this song everytime i hear it, it blesses me

  • Nwafor Ejike 0 points

    'It all belongs to you' is really a nice song done by Ms Damitta. I heard the song a week ago when we where in mass choir practice in my church. Everything about the song is just ok. Right now, we are on the song (it all belongs to you) and i pray that God will bless Ms Damitta cos the song has touched souls even in our local church.

  • Bobby 0 points

    This song is blessing my heart day in day out. I am trusting God to help me master the words so that i can sing the song before i start preaching. May the Lord richly bless you.

  • Gerald 0 points

    D song is really wonderful. It draws u nearer to his prescence, and then letting u know dat u r like a clay in the potter's hand. I love everything about the song

  • Evie 0 points

    I have been listening to this at work for the last four hours repetively and my coworker has not inquired whether the record is stuck. It truely is something worth listening without boredom...the quality of the lyrics, melody, music, ministering. It undoubedtly reminds me of Phil 4:8 and endorses what God desires us to think on; things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, of virtuous and praise. I am just reminded to PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY. PRAISE GOD!!!

  • Theresa 0 points

    this is an awesome song it so happens that i took the voice for somebody else.but it is so ironic that i was introduce to deitrick haddon song hes able about 1 month ago and was blessed .it all belongs to him is an awesome song we ministered in church and i am playing it like crazy at home because it remains me that it all belongs to him ,so cotiniue to let god use you to be a blessing to others

  • kimberley 0 points


  • Geraldine 0 points

    I luv this song, it's so awesome. Deacon Zita ministered it in church and men, the whole congregation was on their feet. we jus cldn't stp singing (3weeks in a row). The lyrics r touching.
    Well done Damita i love this song.
    God bless

  • lambert 0 points

    je voudrais bénir le nom de Dieu sur la vie du concepteur de ce chant oh combien fort par ses parole je suis chantre dans une Église en cote d'ivoire et chaque fois que je la chante ou la réécoute c'est une nouvelle facette de l'Eternel que je découvre. que le nom de Dieu soit beni,loué et adoré

  • adetayo 0 points

    Beautiful song,brings it back to the basics;every thought we think, every strength we spend to get things done, every words we speak...all belongs to Christ,makes us accountable as wise stewards in all Holiness over all that Christ as given us, its humblying. Amen!

  • Oparah kelechi B 0 points

    I love this song.and the voice behind the lyrice thank GOD for everything cos it belong to HIM...

  • teddy 0 points

    thats a wonderful inspiring song.the composure,everything is just wonderful.the first day i heard the song,i felt everybody shd listen to it.Damita u are great.i love the way u worship.keep goin on.God bless u//.

  • chenelle 0 points

    i love this song and i love damita and i think that she is a pretty person who is blessed by the gift god gave her!!!! i beleve what the song says that it all belongs to him !!!!!!!

  • pascal 0 points

    i have been touched this morning by this song,nothing belong to us ,the success ,the glory,everything we are running after all belong to the lord and so better run after him to get all these.i pray for her ,may god inspire her more and more to help us realise that we have to seek god and god only.no need to look around,what is going on in my friend s life but lift my eyes to him because everything belong to him and him only.
    honor and glory to my maker.

  • Shina 0 points

    I'm shut of word, but I must confess this song is all in all, talking about the lyrics, the instrumentation and the delivery is too awesome, perfect beautiful. Damita I think this is my first time of listening to your album and from what I've seen this Power, miraclous.This song is a song of commitment.Damita I Love and pray for more inspiration and anointing upon your life.

  • Anne 0 points

    This song ministered to me as well. This is a song of giving it all up for the love of God. This is a song of commitment to the Lord. There is not enough we could ever do that would be enough of thanks to God for all he has ever done for us, but giving God our all is a great commitment. It is all he asks of us. Give it all up to God and follow his commandments. All will be well. I can't wait for the day that I can minister this song in my church.

  • Elisha 0 points

    wow! wow!! wow!!!,right about now Damita i feel like ministrying dis song in my church,men d song is a song of commitment & it's wot my choir needs now,ur voice,everything is just kul.i love d song.u r awesome.God bless u.....(amen)

  • REETAY DANIEL 0 points

    i love dis song, its the best song ever......god has given Damita an amazing voice to praise n worship him.....beautiful song....

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