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Bop To The Top lyrics

Mucho Gusto

Aye que fabulosa
Rrrrr aye aye AYE
¿Quieres bailar?


I believe in dreaming
And shooting for the stars

Baby to be number one
You got to raise the bar

Kicking and a scratching
Grinding out my best

Anything it takes to climb
The ladder of success

Work our tails off everyday
Gotta bump the competition
Blow them all away



Yeah we're gonna

Bop bop bop, bop to the top
Slip and slide and ride that rythm

Jump and hop
Hop until we drop

And start again
Zip zap zop hop, walk like a mop

Scoot around the corner
Move it to the groove
Until the music stops

Do the bop bop bop
To the top
Don't ever stop
Bop to the top
Gimme gimme
shimmy shimmy
Shake some booty and turn around
Flash a smile in their direction

Show some muscle

Do the hustle

Yeah we're gonna

Bop bop bop, bop to the top

Wipe away your inhibitions

Stump stump stump, do the rump

And strut your stuff

Bop bop bop, straight to the top
We're going for the glory

We'll keep stepping up and we just won't stop

[Sharpay: stop]

Till we reach the top
Bop to the top

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  • Grandpa 0 points

    2007 was a dark time...

  • ebony 0 points

    hello i love your songs .me and my friends do your songs for our school talent show and we won.

  • Lili 0 points

    I LOVE High School Musikal. I LOVE it.

  • Vanessa 0 points

    hy!!!how are you guys???mwa

  • daniella 0 points

    oh my god emily

  • daniella 0 points

    um emily zack efron is ingaged and gabriella i love ure singing i want to be a singer just like you teach me my house 85 hogarth rd elizebeth south

  • Emily 0 points

    reply back to me

  • Emily 0 points

    I love u zack very much and im your bigges fan I really want to meet u I love u zack i want to be your girl friend!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily 0 points

    I love u zack very much and im your bigges fan I really want to meet u I love u zack i want to be your girl friend!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily 0 points

    hi its me again I love u zack and will there be movies about u still but what movies will it be tell me and email me

  • Emily 0 points

    sharpay you are really coolllll rearly wan o meet you and 1 qeostion do you love zack and will you be my friend

  • kay-kay 0 points

    Ashley & Lucas are such talented singers, dancers, and actor/actress. I love them so much Sharpay & Ryan are my favorite characters out of all 3 movies!!! they're all FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vanessa 0 points

    hi guys i am the real one vanessa

  • heather 0 points

    hey u guys rock i am so siked bout the third movie we

  • kathleen 0 points

    hi wow its very beautiful song i like it its very fabulous and its nice

  • hillary king 0 points

    hey zac and ashley how did yall became famous

  • bethany 0 points

    venessa your so good at singing sharpa ryan love bop to the top me and my cousion like it so much

  • Andrea 0 points

    hey, im ok with high school musical i mean its not too good or to bad but im in theb middle. By the way vanessa hudgens you know ur voice is great, all the same for ashley tis zac efron's voice is ok iguess but if u guys think his voice is great then ill go with u guys and lucas gab ur voice to me i think its also wonderful not 2 mention wonder if u will have hsm 4 coming up? if do just answer back. ^^ >< cant wait hehe oh by the way not just only lucas's voice isnt just wonderful i think all of ur voices r like the greatest! well bye wish u luck he

  • RBD 0 points

    ZAC is cute.

  • victoria 0 points

    i realy like hsm i want to whach it all the time and i am 8 years old .BUT TROY DID NOT SING IN HSM 1ST and way?venessa you are my fave person in it,and me and my friends are doing a hsm song/one of my friends is realy mad about it she does like zac.Are you going to myammy in augustthe 5th till the the 25th that is for three weeks.Cause i am going on that date and going.i am going three days every where.i have got a dance show coming up in june my nanna makes the costumes the song that i am doing the sun go's doun!!!!!!!!
    from victoria lord xxxxxxxxxxx

  • ppp 0 points

    hi i love high school musical 1 and 2 and this songs ok but i like troy and vannessa/gabriella there the best but i stiill like sharpay/ashley shes ok thxs text back anytime you want to know anthing about high school msical xx

  • elizabeth 0 points

    hi ashely and zac,vanessa,monique,lucass and corbin i think that you are the coolest people ever even if i could touch your hand it would be the coolest thing ever!!!!! just please,please,please email me back ilove you!!!!!

  • amy 0 points

    hiya i have zac efrons email address but i dont know if it is the real one and i wish i could meet the real ones zac efron is soooooooooooooooooooooooo cut and hotxxxxx

  • lauren 0 points

    hello is anyone on here i a have been looking thourgh comments and it appers they are alll from last year and i am the onl y ppl . hell o bye

  • lauren 0 points

    whos online to talk to me caz i am gettig bored and i will go off soon if no 1 is online

  • lauren 0 points

    i keep on emailign this web caz i want to see whos online at this momment . who thinkzs hsm is the best film ever i do caz i mean its designed for kids and u can record it , watch it on youtube and all sorts .

  • lauren 0 points

    is any one online a the min caz i want to their view on my comment . u need to be kind to ppl not just freinds . hsm is so good whens the next 1 coming out .

  • lauren 0 points

    hsm is so cool and ppl say bad stuff when its reallly good and like u need some taste caz if u were famous and u were called bad names how would u feeel . ashely tis can i have ur email and zac ur email plz assp

  • asdf 0 points

    ang pangit!!!!!

  • lauren 0 points

    i just wanted to say that i like hsm and i like watching it . ...
    if Zac , vanessa ,ashely could write back .
    when is there new 1 .
    from lauren
    p.s i am really big fan so write back plz

  • Vanessa Hudgens 0 points

    Sorry guys but Zac is taken already by someone! But thanks for trying to think about him

  • sharmila 0 points

    hey zac
    u look so kool,,and gorgeous
    your films are so nice that iam waiting for next season of your movie
    best regards
    from sharmila

  • Michelle 0 points

    Hey every Zac, This is just an old friend saying I miss you. I love you!:)

  • lala 0 points

    iam a15 years old egyptian girl. iam fond of HSM & all its cast.
    and i believe that aleia is completely wrong cuz you vanessa & ashley R realy the most buatiful girls Ive ever seen .
    zac corbin & lucas u r more than woderful(handsom).
    Monque u r avery good actoress.
    and about ashley & vanessa i cannot explain how much ilke them ,
    vanessas voice is like an angel
    ashleys dancing is like a professional
    iam staying here in egypt but iam dreeming to meet yall one day

  • Sammy 0 points

    SOOOO trye Amber! He's really H. O. T. HOT!!!! *grabs Corbin Blue and elopes with him*

  • Amber 0 points

    Guys, c'mon! Everyone thinks Zac Efron is the cats meow, but in my opinion, it's Corbin Blue that's the hot one! I mean, look at him! He's ADORABLE!!!!!!!!

  • shawna 0 points


  • roxi 0 points

    v and zac, you guys rock-out-loud on the song Everyday. like I said...YOU ROCK OUT LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUD!!!

  • noah 0 points


  • Black Moon 0 points

    Hey, does anyone want to chat? I'm so bored. My dad is bugging me 'bout homework. It is so retarded. High School Musical is so great! Anyone have a boyfriend? Well, I just broke up with mine.
    One day at lunch, he started to blow milk out his nose! EWWW!!
    Now I have a new boyfriend. But no one can compare to Zac Effron!

  • Samantha 0 points

    kl what are they speaking in?i know the dance off by heart bop to the top

  • Maya Miller 0 points

    Sorry. I meant to say on the first line that it shows how you don't have to be someone people want you to be.
    The rest is right.

    For Lucas:
    What is a simalarity between High School Musical and any Halloweentown movie?
    Which is your favorite movie? HSM or any Halloweentown moive?
    How many hats do you have? I've counted three. or four. What would is your favorite hat?

  • Maya Miller 0 points

    Wow! High School Musical is so cool! My fav is High School Musical the first. It exspresses feelings about others.
    It shows how you have to be someone that others think you are. I always say, "Be yourself. You don't have to be someone you don't wanna be."

    My favorite charactor is...I would say Lucas (Ryan). Very cute and good actor. Plus, I love all his hats! I've seen him in the High School Musical movie and Halloween town movie! He's awesome there, too!
    I wonder if London Tipton from the Suite Life of Zach and Cody is anything the same as Sharpy Ryans?

  • janna 0 points

    I love sharpay

  • hsm princess 0 points

    Zac efron is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot

  • hsm princess 0 points

    bop to the top rocks i am a big fan of high school musical 2 and 1 averyone who nose me calles me hsm princess coz i love high school musical HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL RULES

  • tt 0 points

    i love this song n high school musical 1 and 2.

  • unkown 0 points

    hi guys i love this movie and i just want to say that you cant stop dreaming to reach your goal

  • hot stuff 0 points

    zac is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  • hot stuff 0 points

    you bitches need to lol

  • farron 0 points

    you are so luky dat you have a boy fried like zac efron he is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SABRINA and MEMORY 0 points

    this song is cool,great.High school musical rock.

  • ashley 0 points

    ashley you were mind blowing you'er very sweet

  • rebecca 0 points

    hey u guys rock u r really going to reach the ladder of success

  • phoebe 0 points

    this is my fafrot song in high school musical and i
    think it is great and i love sharpay.

  • marangeliz torres 0 points

    Dear Ashley Tisdale.Was it true that when you was three years old you sang to the prezident?

  • Rosmila 0 points

    Hello,I think yahoo is a great...Because I can found my favorite songs and lyrics.I Appricite that,I love yahoo..But,why the video is like that?I hope it wil be a great video..And I can see all until it end..Whatever,thank you so much yahoo..

  • Kyasha 0 points

    hey everyone i am soo bored can someone add me (boys only ) my email address is [email protected] dot com

  • chelsey 0 points

    hi zac and vanessa you guys rocked it out on high school musical and zac you looked fine sorry but you did. so what advice would you give to sombody who really wanted to act, and be a celeb? You are totally radical vanessa!!!!! you can sing so good!!!!!!

  • chelsea 0 points


  • jasmine 0 points

    love you ryan we all like you
    bianca marija marthina lawra shantel etc.. all my freinds xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kirsty 0 points

    is that reli u vanessa if it is u shunt give yur number out anyways

  • Emma =) 0 points

    i love HIGH SCHOLL MUSICAL....but it will take for ever until High school musical2 comes to Sweden all rock from h.s.m love emm =)

  • Lorisa 0 points

    Hi everyone who likes HSM,
    and Zac and Vanessa,
    Your film is great!I cannot wait for number 2 to come out.My fave characters are:
    From your very number one fan Lorisa
    xxxxAs friend

  • Yosselin(ST.THOMAS) 0 points


    i love that bop to the top.Sharpay and Ryan u guy r the cool least.u guys dance hot and sing like angle

  • laeticia 0 points

    I like when vanessa sing

  • yosselin 0 points

    u guys r sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo crazy,and u sing good

  • Laura 0 points

    People who say people from High School Musical Suck should be ashamed of them selves. I would never ever say something like that.


  • Laura 0 points

    I just want to say I love High School Musical. My class is making a play on High School Musical. I think Vanessa has a great voice and Ashley is really pretty.If Ashley or Vanessa could ever write back to me I would love it lots!


  • JESSICA 0 points



  • vannesa 0 points

    my number is 07921133292

  • boobalicious 0 points

    u do no dat i saw drake bell and vanessa anne hudgens kissing on da lips nd makin me finkin of it makes me shiver??

  • Jesse 0 points

    LOL!!! Do u guys really luv HSM???

  • 0xbootiful-soulx0 0 points

    cynthia u need 2 get a lyf rarver den postin random fingz on dis..WEIRDO..newayz gud song

  • Wow 0 points

    I Totally agree with you Viv- people get a life
    Zac has his own life so move on

  • busra 0 points

    ik vindt dat deze liedje van sharpay
    o0k wel leuk is!
    En het is wel geinig wat voor pasjes er allemaal zijn!

  • Viv 0 points


  • Tina 0 points

    I love Vanesssa and Zac They make such a cute couple!!!

  • Cynthia 0 points

    listen, if the REAL Zac and Vanessa read this I just want u guys 2 know that I am ur #1 fan! and i luv you guys sooo much! your music really inspires me 2 believe in myself!
    P.S. there is this boy that I like and he is the spittin' image Zac! luv ya'll bunches! TTYL!

  • Cynthia 0 points

    I'd just like 2 give a lil' shout out 2 all my BFFs here in Atoka Oklahoma! How ya'll been doin lately?

  • Cynthia 0 points

    hey ya'll! Wuz up? I absolutely LOVE Zac Efron! He is totally da' Bomb! He has the voice of an angel! I listen 2 his songs B4 I go 2 bed every nite and it helps me sleep! He is so totally rockin'!

  • 0 points

    hiiiyuur..x this song iz jst sooo mint..i luv it!! newayz showt owt 2 ma peeps in manchester in tha UK..BraPpP..!! NUFF LUFF

  • mansi awatramani 0 points

    hi, great way to keep in touch with so famous actor and actress bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    mansi awatramani from india

  • ^jftbsftertzfu7tz 0 points

    dis nazanen ä baja.

  • Loren 0 points

    Carolina what on earth is 'krojawdfdladkñasfhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhfffhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijfsdfdffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss' suposed to mean?

  • pretty princes 0 points

    hi wats up

  • haleeema 0 points

    by da way ma name iz haleema wiv 2 e's

  • ???? 0 points

    hiya you lot hiya sexy lad nd yes im tlkin abt zac efron u sexy lad i wanna ave sex wiv ya zac cum nd sex me cum nd sex me bbz!!!

  • blossom 0 points

    hiya disney channel ppl can i av ur man addi plz

  • jack 0 points

    i love you

  • carolina 0 points


  • emma p 0 points

    every one that is being nasty or rude is jst jelous ignore them reply back to me i am not nasty or rude that is jst discusting
    love ya all
    can i be in the next high school musical plz reply xxxxxxx

  • kayla 0 points

    ryan zac corbin r hot

  • Wendy 0 points

    Hey sox something,
    I just finished reading you e-mail and I would just like to say to you that it is so cool that you will get to see High School Musical 2. So I just want to say that God be with you when you go home with him. And that you have to understand that there's a time when God decides that he needs you with him. But if you are just a person who is faking it is not funny!
    But God Bless you, And I am Happy you get to live with god.

  • Vanessa noyola 0 points

    i am vanessa anna's number one fan i love highschool musical

  • VANESSA 0 points


  • Aleia 0 points

    Why do yall keep talkin nasty I mean that is freakin rude. Like Stephanie says on Full House "How Rude" and yall are I mean Vanessa Hudgens is ugly and Ashley Tisdale she can sing. Vanessa Hudgens you a bitch not the real Vanessa Hudgens the fake one.

  • vanessa anne 0 points

    is any1 actually on at mom

  • ashley tis 0 points

    Hey do u want my email

  • ami 0 points

    hi ashley i am a really big fan pleaszzzzzzzzz can u send back

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