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La Camisa Negra lyrics

Tengo la camisa negra
hoy mi amor esta de luto

Hoy tengo en el alma una pena
y es por culpa de tu embrujo

Hoy sé que tú ya no me quieres
y eso es lo que más me hiere
que tengo la camisa negra
y una pena que me duele

Mal parece que solo me quedé
y fue pura todita tu mentira
que maldita mala suerte la mía
que aquel día te encontré

Por beber del veneno malevo de tu amor
yo quedé moribundo y lleno de dolor
respiré de ese humo amargo de tu adiós
y desde que tú te fuiste yo solo tengo:

Tengo la camisa negra
porque negra tengo el alma
yo por ti perdí la calma
y casi pierdo hasta mi cama

Cama cama come on baby
te digo con disimulo
Tengo la camisa negra
y debajo tengo el difunto

Tengo la camisa negra
ya tu amor no me interesa
lo que ayer me supo a gloria
hoy me sabe a pura
miércoles por la tarde y t ú que no llegas
ni siquiera muestras señas
y yo con la camisa negra
y tus maletas en la puerta
Mal parece que solo me quedé
y fue pura todita tu mentira
que maldita mala suerte la mía
que aquel día te encontré
Por beber del veneno malevo de tu amor
yo quedé moribundo y lleno de dolor
respiré de ese humo amargo de tu adiós
y desde que tú te fuiste yo solo tengo:

Tengo la camisa negra
porque negra tengo el alma
yo por ti perdí la calma
y casi pierdo hasta mi cama

Cama cama come on baby
te digo con disimulo

Tengo la camisa negra
y debajo tengo el difunto
Tengo la camisa negra
porque negra tengo el alma
yo por ti perdí la calma
y casi pierdo hasta mi cama
Cama cama come on baby
te digo con disimulo

Tengo la camisa negra
y debajo tengo el difunto

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Comments on La Camisa Negra

Top 103 comments

  • Greg 0 points

    Yeah! One of my favorite songs! By the way Spanish language sounds so beautiful!

  • Rose 0 points

    What does it mean, "Y debajo tengo el difunto"

    And underneath I have the deceased?

  • Mike 0 points

    For those wondering what he is singing:

    Tengo mi camisa negro: Ive got my black shirt on.

    Which means, with the way you are treating me, you might just bury me, Ive got my burialsuit on already.

    In other words Im better of dead then u treating me this way.

  • prudence 0 points

    this is the best part where he say;por vever del veneno malevolo de tu amor yo quiero muribundo y lleno de dollor respire de este humor amargo de tu adios y desde que tu te fuiste

  • Raigor 0 points

    i love this song but i don't know spanish...

  • kesi-albania 0 points

    i love you JUanes

  • Dianne! 0 points

    Esta cancion nunca se va a poner vieja!

    Yo no sabia que el era Colombiano. Creia que era de Puerto Rico como YO. Yo estoy muy atrazada. :)!

  • mariam 0 points

    hola uetal estas ? esta cacion muy buena ademas juaes es gran catane quiero lo

  • maria 0 points

    hola! como esta? me llamo maria..soy estudiante en la universidad.estoy malaysia de kelantan. i juz learn spanish languange and i like it.. i like very much to speak spanish because spanish is one type of unique language. is there anyone can help me improve my spanish?? muchas gracias..

  • eiha 0 points

    mostly i like dis song very much. dis song remind me about my lecturer..my spanish lecturer. at the end of dis semester,in our last lecture..she ask us to sing dis song. for the 1st time i enjoy her class. OMG..hard for me to forget dis song bcoz now i know she a kind person but during lecture, she pretend to be serious and will scold us when we doing some mistake such as didnt know the meaning of some vocab in spanish, didnt know how to conjugate the verbos..

  • La unica 0 points

    ya de verda se mira comoo tarzan

  • La unica 0 points

    PA means para...

  • Jhon 0 points

    Very Good
    I like it

  • martin 0 points

    lo que ayer me supo a gloria (What was yesterday was glory)
    hoy me sabe a pura (Today it knows pure…)

    Bad translation. Coming from a fluent spanish speaker the second line "hoy me sabe a pura" translates into. Today it tastes like... What is left out is mierda, because its a naughty word but people that speak spanish as first languague know that he almost sais mierda when he sais miercoles.

  • nana 0 points

    its really good when u get into it

  • stephanie 0 points

    love it but very dirty! lol! still love it more! haha

  • bebe 0 points

    almost every spanish song has a doble sentido, so how do translate double meanings into english? everyone seems to have an attitude over who is correct, but how can you be correct when it comes to interpreting? unless you are the artist himself, then you can say who is right or wrong so just let it go people, it's a hell of a good song overall so just fregin enjoy it and dance your butt off!! RELAX!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!

  • Amia 0 points

    juanes es guapo con pelo largo y corto :)

  • Egg 0 points

    i love this song,but i don't understand spanish ! LOL

  • Estéfan 0 points

    No por pobre empedo pero me ha antojado (antoja'o).

  • mr perfecto 0 points

    hehehehehe Lol

  • mrperfecto 0 points


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  • Pálma 0 points

    háát nem tom de elég furcsa dal..I think it is not very good song !!

  • Gary Christian 0 points

    To Elise: thx for your smart comment. It is helpful enough for those who want clarify the contents of this lyric no matter if they are english-speaker or spanish-speaker.
    For Taylor: Yes, you are right. It is "come on, come on baby" but this phrase appears as a phonetic spanish writing in the lyric ("caman baby") where "caman" is "come on" and "baby" remains untouched in its correct spelling.
    To Luisa: You are right in your comment, too. To translate from English to Spanish demands not only a mere translation but to adapt it to the target language. I can say it from my personal experience. I'm currently working upon my own english lyrics (i'm peruvian songwriter retaken this career).
    To Ruth in England: thank you for your comment. I'm peruvian and i'm proud to have a talented coleague like Juanes. I like his music so much, specially this song. As the same way i like very much bands like Cocteau Twins, Ladytron, Duran Duran (they visited Lima in november and the drummer's wife is peruvian), Sarah McLachlan, Telephone(France) and many others coleagues because of their quality. The message is that the music is an Universal language open to a every human being and all musicians are always welcomed to its magic. Just enjoy this heaven's gift. Peace to all of you. Including those who like to be a "troll" ("troll = someone who write and post ugly comments).

  • Chitu 0 points

    Bonito cancion

  • olivis 0 points

    who ever says this song sux then u sux cuz this song rules and if ur spanish(latina colombiana lol)then you would know what it means so STFU

  • KOOL KAT 0 points

    I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH THAT WE ARE DOING IT FOR OUR SPANISH SONG IN SPANISH CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • james 0 points

    esta canción es tan agradable, ello lo que me consiguió aprendiendo spainsh. lo amo

  • Amy 0 points

    look, whoever was the person that said that it was banned from Dominican Republic is mistaken, i'm dominican and live here in D.R. and i still hear it in the radio.

    Although kind of right, it was at first, but everyone here loved it so they had to put it back.
    oh and "mija" is "mi hija" when u say it fast.

    Also it's not c'mon c'mon c'mon baby. it's just that in the part that he says " y casi pierdo hasta mi cama" = and almost lost my bed" .. bed means cama.. he just repeated cama again three times, and then the fourth time he changed it to c'mon baby.. it's not bed bed bed bed baby, cuz it would just sound stupid.

    Oh and since it seems that a few people here love to point out people's misspellings, i apologize if i did one, since i speak more spanish than english because of where i live.

  • Luisa 0 points

    I am a bilingual Hispanic, with university degrees in both English and Spanish. I decided to use "La camisa negra" to expose my students to an excellent contemporary Colombian singer and practice pronunciation at the same time. I was excited when I saw your English translation on line. However, upon closely reviewing it, I was aghast. The translation on line is very bad and faulty. When publishing something like this on line, you should get someone qualified who can give you the best possible translation of the lyrics.

  • Sam 0 points

    What about "Cama cama c'mon baby"? I actually saw that on an other lyric page.
    I agree, it is a play of words, on the word cama that means bed.
    C'mon guys think a bit more outside the box. Besides, who cares how it's really written when it sounds so good. One can get the meaning of a song even without knowing the words.

    I like the line "lo que ayer me supo a gloria
    hoy me sabe a pura.. Mier..coles.." hahhaha!
    He turns Shit into Wednesday.
    Muy bien.

  • Señor 0 points

    It might be about his penis. Exhibit A:

    "y debajo tengo el difunto.
    (¡Pa' enterrártelo cuando quieras mamita!)
    (Así como lo oye, mija)"

    "And below, the deceased.
    (To bury whenever you like, babe!)
    (Yeah, you heard me, honey)"

  • Taylor 0 points

    I am only a teenager, have only been taking Spanish for a few years (my native language is English), and I know that the translation of the song is terrible. It does not go like that at all in English. I am singing this song for Spanish class, and my teacher translated it so that it actually makes sense. Also, a lot of the words are mixed up. It's "come on, come on, come on baby" not "cama cama caman baby". Seriously.

  • Meghan 0 points

    Me gusta la canción nueva, Tres. Vi el video musical anoche, y lo me gusta también. Tiene muchos colores brillantes.

  • Paige 0 points

    Me encanta la cancion. esta bien. y Juanes = guapismo!

  • Paige 0 points

    Me encanta la cancion. esta bien. y Juanes esta guapismo!

  • Tamila 0 points

    Мне тоже очень ?ильно нравит?? ?та пе?н?!
    I like this song)

  • Candle~ 0 points

    I love this song. i can't beleive how sad it is though, it makes me want to get up and dance! And you people are cute arguing with each other. I especially love some of the comments left by people who do not speak spanish but try anyways. XD you guys are really funny \:)

  • haz bien 0 points

    Pa' is short for "para" ...

    And I'm pretty sure it is "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon baby"... not that it's that important...

    "Casi pierdo hasta mi cama." Not calma. :)

    Y estoy de acuerdo ... Juanes se ve taaaaaan feo con pelo largo ...

  • haz bien 0 points

    Pa' is short for "para" ...

    And I'm pretty sure it is "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon baby"... not that it's that important...

    Y "Casi pierdo hasta mi cama." Not calma. :)

  • Hayley 0 points

    I Loveee this song!! He is muy hermoso si? se amo mucho!

  • Marisol 0 points

    The phrase "cama, cama, caman baby" is an innuendo. "Caman" is not a Spanish word; Juanes uses it because it sounds similar to "cama" but it is meant to sound like the English word "c'mon." So the words are meant to insinuate "c'mon to bed."

    (By the way, this song was banned in the Dominican Republic for its "sexual overtones")

  • Emilie 0 points

    While this isn't the greatest translation, it at least makes some sort of sense. And for those of you who haven't figured it out, the "cama, cama, caman baby" is a play on words. It's totally brilliant - he isn't literally saying, "bed, bed, bed baby" but in a way he kind of is. It is kind of like "c'mon, c'mon, c'mon baby," but not exactly. The line before means something along the lines of "I almost lost my bed," and then he goes into the "cama ..." If you think about it and just accept the Spanish-English hybrid, it's really cool.

  • pollo loco 0 points

    Did you just grab a spanish-english dictionary and translate word by word to get that terrible translation???

  • ana 0 points

    you guys are dumb! just chill and stop over analyzing everything!! lol bunch of dorks i tell you.. and no mas tienen pelotudos aca??o que pasa?...y nada! HAHA

  • CJ 0 points

    Hi -- I'm from North of chicago. Around here mija is an affectionate term for a little girl. I hear it all the time and see it written out. Most of the hispanics in our are are from Northern Mexico. Also, a caman can be a type of alligator small and cute, but with a really nasty bite. They are found in the Southern panhandle states and Florida.

  • Elise 0 points

    the shirt represents his heart--which had been turned black and decayed--because of a woman who took advantage of him in some way. The 'cama' and 'Caman' thing is meant to be a play on words. He states that he lost everything because of her, he even lost his bed/something to sleep in. He changes cama to caman and adds the english word 'baby' just for fun, from what I understand. Also,the word 'miercoles' is also a play on words. While it means 'wednesday' literally, his pause denotes to the audience that he means 'shit' which is mierda.
    Hope this helps!

  • Bobby 0 points

    Juanes has the best song ever.

  • rosy 0 points

    the girl lied to him and possibly cheated on him. so he is sayin that he has a black shirt, which really means that his soul is black and desceased. like he is in morning because he lost his loved one hoo really lied to him.

  • Cujo 0 points

    No hay de que, Elena. Se usa "mija"/"mijo" mucho en los EEUU, o por lo menos en Denver. No sabia que no se usaba en la Argentina. Tiene que ser algo mexicano?

  • Elena 0 points

    Gracias Cujo para la correcíon, ahora sé que mija si es una contraccíon de mi hija. Lo siento Sonia, yo sé que mi íngles no es tan barbaro, pero solomente hablo en íngles con mi papá y solomente veo a él un vez al año, él vive en los EE.UU. No sé si te recuerdas, pero yo vivo en Argentina. Vos sos muy, muy antipatica. Gracias de nuevo Cujo.

  • Cujo 0 points

    "Mija" is a contraction of "Mi hija". It's not a true word, but it is certainly recognizable in spoken language.

  • Sonia 0 points

    Oh, and Grammar..... you really arent cool, vos tanpoco Dinah

  • SoNiA 0 points

    HA HA

  • Sonia 0 points

    Just to second the whole "caman" thing, it really is not a word, I am not totally sure what they meant by it but it means nothing. Oh, and "Elena" you really need to work on your english, I mean I live in Uruguay, no one even really knows where that is and my english is pretty perfect! So yeah, next time you try to flirt with that Tom guy, maybe he can pull out his translation dictionary so you don't have to make such a fool of yourself. Who ever taught you english should be water boarded!!!

  • Elena 0 points

    Hi Tom. I agree with your coment abuot la palabra mija/hija. em, mi inglish isnot good bit en mi life in espanish, i never hear la palabra mija. so you no. my sistr es Dinah, she can be way to... ya. em, okay, but agen i live en Argentina y nadie se usa la palabra mija, creo.

  • Dinah 0 points

    ¡Por favor gente! Nosotros en Buenos Aires nos encanta este cancion. Uds. que dicen estas cosas tienen problemas. Este es una lugar para preguntas por el canción, no es para exponer cosas tan estupidos y ridículos con gente que no conocen.

  • tom 0 points

    this song is awsome only thing, a mistake...
    (Así como lo oye, mija) i bet its hija, daughter, not mija, i dont even think mija is a word, is it?

    otherwise great job with the translating and the lyrics

  • Suma 0 points

    صحيح اني مو?اهم ولا اي شي بالاغنية بس من جد الاغنية ابداع
    (i love this song)

  • Anon 0 points

    -sigh- Grow up, everyone.

    'c'mon baby etc' IS correct, by the way. 'Caman' isn't a word. And, yes, the translation is a bit sad, but who really cares that much?

  • J Munoz in Orlando FL 0 points

    I love this song when they play it on XM Radio, it is like a re-mix. Juanes is a very hot boy, i wish he was gay like me.

  • stephen 0 points

    this is my favorite song in the world thank you JUANES for this song GRACIAS

  • stephen 0 points

    this song is awesome by juanes

  • LuLu 0 points

    this is the best part where he says:
    Por beber del veneno malévolo de tu amor,
    yo quedé moribundo y lleno de dolor,
    respiré de ese humo amargo de tu adios,
    y desde que tú te fuiste..

    Very Very Very GOOD song.. Lovin iT :)

  • Legit 0 points

    if you dont speak a word of spanish, why are you translating, honestly... people can put chunks of words into their favorite internet translation site themselves. Someone whos native or close to native should be trying to translate it for what it is, not choppy word for word stuff like whats written up there. Nousocs, i applaud you on the effort and everything, but if someone can put up something more fluent and natural sounding, it would also be appreciated.

  • Ruth in England 0 points

    why is everyone arguing?
    grammar and spelling pale into insignificance when music is this good.
    Just listen to the music and enjoy - don't spoil it with petty squabbles.
    I bought this record when travelling around South America. Everywhere i went, i heard it. i am listening to it today - Xmas Day, and it is bringing back the whole feeling of being on a truly great continent. I love this music, and you should all just be sooo proud of Juanes being 'yours' and celebrate, not argue.
    Happy Xmas Everyone!

  • yaraaaa 0 points

    i like it =D

  • Anacasandra 0 points

    hello, who ever doesn't speak sapnish is gay and stupid. who does't know how? Who ever translated the lyrics did a great job (NOT). It was horrible and that is not the real translation. you want the real tranlation call me. It would really help.

  • Casey 0 points

    I love this song. Juanes looks so cute with long hair, and doesn't need a haircut. Oh, by the way any cute boys? Call me!!!

  • Nousocs 0 points

    Awesome thanks, hope the translation made a little sense to you as it didnt me lol......

  • max 0 points

    i love this song and it is sooooooooo catchy but sometimes people are so DUM!
    thanks for taking the time to post these lyrics, they're great and for someone who doesn't speak spanish you've done a good job of translating.

  • max 0 points

    Are you guys stupid?!!!
    its c'mon c'mon c'mon baby!
    caman doesnt exsist in spanish and why the hell would you say bed bed _ baby?!
    Its just said with a spanish accent so it sounds wierd.
    I should know, my whole family speaks fluent spanish AND im going out with a fluent spanish speaker.
    Get your facts straight.

  • nousocs 0 points

    here here, i dont speak a word of spanish, but i do love this tune, it caught my ear in a pool club where i live, and now i listen to it every day, it is a very catchy tune!! i love it, oh, and who cares weather the lyrics are not correct, a big thank you to the person who spent their time posting them here!! and if your gonna try pissing on my grammar, then don't even bother, i aint interested, for you people out there who appreciate this topic, im sure the poster will be glad to read your comments!!

    regards nousocs
    :thumbsup for a great post:

  • nalz 0 points

    I love this; and i dont even speak or undertstand spanish. i like the beat and overall

  • La chica de tu amor 0 points

    hwy, i love this song! it's absolutly amazing! i wish the lyrics sheet senorita korf gave us had (¡Pa' enterrártelo cuando quieras mamita!)
    (Así como lo oye, mija) in it, but it doesn't. at least now i know what he's saying! :)

    if the person who posted as wassup reads this, do you recognize senorita's name? if not, don't worry, i was just wondering cos my class listened to the song the same day you posted, so....

  • wassup 0 points

    i love this song, we listened to it in spanish class. does n e one no how to find the translated version? i wanna know what he's saying lol

  • kaycee 0 points

    its my ring tone.. i love this song...

  • valentina 0 points

    I like the part where he says........Miércoles por la tarde y tú que no llegas

  • anonymous 0 points

    i love this song!

    question though, i am a fluent spanish speaker & never in my life have i heard the word " caman "

    cama cama caman baby...
    bed bed ??? baby...

    whatever.. good song !!

    ahora, en español..

    ¡Adoro esta canción!

    la pregunta aunque, soy un orador español con soltura & nunca en mi vida tiene oí el "caman" de palabra

    El bebé de caman de cama de cama... La cama de la cama??? bebé...

    ¡Cualquier.. la canción buena!!

  • cari 0 points

    "pa" = para

  • Hugo 0 points

    nem ertek ebbol semmit

  • Nemo 0 points

    Man....................why do u guyz cared
    Itz a nice song and if u think itz horrible well thatz ur opinion
    My opinion.........itz nice .............not bad

  • Simon Batchelder 0 points

    i really like this song and i think that juanes is really something. i would really like to met him some day and see him in the flesh - he is my hero and i really like the part of the song that says (¡Pa' enterrártelo cuando quieras mamita!) (Así como lo oye, mija), thats my favourite part and i reLY LIKE IT - VERY GOOD INDEED.

  • ||YO|| 0 points

    Can someone explain me what "Pa'" means?
    "Pa' enterratelo cuando quieras..."

  • josue' 0 points

    Adoro esta canción. Pienso que esto es la mejor canción que he oído de Juanes.

  • DO WORK!! 0 points

    good song. anyone who takes time to call other people names is well, look for the miss-spelled word. just saying...

  • WHATEVER 0 points

    I Can't believe you guys are arguing over this. Besides, I'm siding with "Grammar". If the other girl wants to speak Spainsh AND English.....ITS HER DAMN BUISNESS!!! I don't even know why I'm taking my time to tell you guys this. Well anyways, it's a good song, kind annoying though.

  • poophead 0 points

    What the Fuck?

  • Panda_Bear 0 points

    Ya'll souldn't cuss. For real, I mean, grow up!
    And the song... is good, the video is weird, and I don't really have an opinion about Juanes's hair, even though he does look a lot like Tarzan.

  • eyla_cute 0 points

    good song...i like it..

  • sdloverboi 0 points

    freak out....wow...lol

  • Anonymous 0 points

    Good job with the lyrics. But I did see a couple errors.

    "C'mon c'mon c'mon baby" in your lyrics is incorrect.

    The correct line is "Cama Cama Caman baby"

  • daisy 0 points

    who cares how u spell is bitch leave it like that the only ignorent one here is u okayyyyy

  • grammar 0 points



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