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Knights Of Cydonia lyrics

Come ride with me
Through the veins of history
I'll show you how god
Falls asleep on the job

And how can we win
When fools can be kings
Don't waste your time
Or time will waste you

No one's gonna take me alive
The time has come to make things right
You and I must fight for our rights
You and I must fight to survive

No one's gonna take me alive
The time has come to make things right
You and I must fight for our rights
You and I must fight to survive

No one's gonna take me alive
The time has come to make things right
You and I must fight for our rights
You and I must fight to survive

Knights Of Cydonia Video (video from YouTube)

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  • Yukie 0 points

    I love this song!~ Its amazing. My bf and I are gonna play it... Its a really good song. It speaks to me because it's so true; God falls asleep on the job, time will waste you... Best work of lyrical art since KISS:)

  • matt belamy 0 points

    exept kat bailey

  • stella artios 0 points

    f off you bloody bitches

  • Erick 0 points

    Yea 3S3 FLACO is right Kat that is not rellY Matt Bellamy!!! How can you tell?? Thats a very good question. Not!!! That Matt wanabe doesnt even know the lyrics and they are up there!!!!! What a fukn idiot!

  • 3S3 FL4CO 0 points

    Orale these Vatos from MUS3 R realy H4RDC0R3 ST4TUS!!! & 3Y u K4T, that is not realy M4TT B3LAMY u D.A.(DUMB4SS)JAHA LMAO.

  • kat bailey 0 points


  • kat bailey 0 points

    WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kat bailey 0 points


  • matt belamy 0 points

    come ride with me through the veins of history ill show you a god who falls aslep on the job and how can we win when fools can be kngs dont waste you time or time will waste you no ones gonna take me alive the time has come to make things right you and i must fight for our lives you and must fight to survive x3

  • ryan mcharg 0 points

    i think the woman at the beggining is pretty

  • ryan mcharg 0 points

    do you guys have guitar hero 3

  • ryan mcharg 0 points

    hi guys i like this song and its my favorite and this song is on guitar hero 3

  • Cat 0 points

    I love this song. I have it on my Shuffle and I listen to it, like, all the time. It improves my archery a lot too for some reason!

  • rick 0 points

    correction: I meant to say after 1 min into the song it sounds like neverending story...

  • rick 0 points

    k - hear me out on this one ... listen to the Knights of Cydonia about 1 min into the song

    and compare it to "Bastians Happy Flight" from The Never Ending Story

    It has the same feel to me - call me crazy, they have a similar galloping feel....

  • SOmile 0 points

    I think this album should not be compared with the previous albums. Its simply different and their lyrics are almost the most important thing. I share with you that I've been watching interviews and conferences of Alex Collier on youtube and its incredible how the lyrics of this last album coincides in so many points with that.
    I recommend you see it. Or maybe its quite famous and you've already seen it.

  • blanker 0 points

    i also like to hear this song when i riding on a mountain bike...........

  • james 0 points

    do u believe in god people , this song is against god , god had never and will never sleep ,
    this song is whatever

  • Dinakos 0 points

    just hear the song and close your eyes!these lyrics have a point!

  • Ruairidh 0 points

    More so than Queen, this song reminds me of a couple of famous film scores. The guitar/trumpet section after the "Aaaah"s sounds just like Ennio Morricone's Fistful of Dollars trilogy. Also, the "No one's gonna take me alive" section has a synth arpeggio which sounds like part of Philip Glass's score for Koyaanisqatsi. I reckon these two sections are a deliberate homage. Cowboys of Cydonia?

  • Slayer 0 points

    whoa 100 out of 5 stars?! wow. u must really like this song.

  • Maxwell 0 points

    this is the best song i know by Muse. i rate this song 100/5 lol

  • Lol 0 points

    This Is Not The Whole Song .... -.-'

  • piratelife4me 0 points

    Love this song! One of my faves. The video? Not so much. I agree with the people that think it sounds like Queen. =>

  • MAC 0 points

    Definitely reminiscent of Dark Tower series...

  • DrWeiland 0 points


  • sarah 0 points

    i love muse vocalis,he is my ex-boyfriend......

  • wan 0 points

    lagu nie sgt sdp,bak kata pepatah susah susah dahulu senang senang kemudian

  • Chris James 0 points

    I never was really moved at all by Muse until I started playing drums. Dom Howard is brilliant! I am becoming addicted!

  • javasd ghasdari 0 points

    i love muss mom she rox

  • All brilliant but Unintended is a masterpiece. 0 points

    Damn, I am overflowing. Total goodness. Mwah. Happy I could have my say. Muse... you beauties.

  • eren 0 points

    i lowe muse great
    beatiful a song

  • DEXA 0 points

    awesome video !
    love the song .
    its like a modern version of bohemian rhapsody .

  • clit 0 points

    wow u guys r addicted to all this crap its just an ok song... ffs...

  • Tha Dealer 0 points

    Yea its defiantly "veins of history" guys

  • punker 0 points

    Hi. I think there is nobody will ever read this.
    Actually I can read russian (coz i am Russian) and
    originally Ellicia said on russian:
    I love them because there is a lot of good feelings to see that Europeans make a good music in America.

    2 alex:
    Suck my dick, stupid nazi. Go to Hitler's scum grave, shit-ater.

  • liam 0 points

    brill song one of the best by muse i have only just started to listen to them and i now the words to most of ther songs and with been in the firs round of the x-factor i might sing this

  • bstone13 0 points

    no one is gonna take me alive.........
    the time has come to make things riiight

  • Mike bonicolli 0 points

    This could fit perfectly in a movie adaption of Stephen King's "The Dark Tower".

  • !Eddie! 0 points

    You gotta admit this song pretty cool...the only reason I heard it was bcuz of guitar hero 3

  • fuser 0 points

    wonderful...simply wonderful. this is 1 of the greatest songs i've ever heard... 1 of the greatest whit starlight...of course. :)))

  • Lachapelle 0 points

    really good song i am from canada by de way

  • Ant and Dec Lover 0 points

    wow, i love the voice when no ones going to take me alive and that that wacky guitar man. wowowow

  • Anonymous 0 points

    the video ruined it for me

  • DGoD 0 points

    ........20 fold

  • DGoD 0 points

    I swear I just came in my pants 10 fold after this song

  • Gav 0 points

    Absolute brilliance, (yes i am one of those people who never really listened to muse before gh3), but Oh My God, these guys have talent, and the lead singer is beyond belief. Poifect.

  • hoss 0 points

    this is possibly the most bad-ass song ever. right after the second chorus when it busts into that riff, premature ejaculation ensued.

  • chief 0 points

    sounds like theyre telling us to be ready to rebel against reptillians or something.

  • Jeremy 0 points

    This song (and the music video) has always reminded me of the Dark Tower series, written by Stephen King..
    it just does.

  • Vital 0 points

    This song is great!, but the video cracked me up....funniest music video I've seen yet.

    The chorus (half the song) reminds me of a part in teh brave little toaster, with the hardware store....Lawl

  • Dave 0 points

    pwnt! Nice work Muse!!! Don't waste your time or time will waste you...

  • Katalyst 0 points

    Ok... not that anyone will ever read this, or even care, but this post is to "Oscuro" and is just a rough translation of what Ellica said:

    Я люблю �?то, �?то имеет хорошие чув�?тва, чтобы видеть, что европейцы делают хорошую музыку в �?мерике. ;)

    Rough translation [Russian to English]:
    I love??to??to has good chuv??tva in order to see that the Europeans make a good music into??merike.;)

    BTW, all I did was put it through an online translator. :)

  • Simon DK 0 points

    This is probably one of the best songs I've ever heard!

  • Hugh Mann 0 points

    This is their best song, the way its sang is FANTASTIC, LOVE IT!!!

  • jason 0 points

    i think muse are like queen a lot, LIKE!! they dont SOUNDlike them, theyre different just like queen were. and anyone who thinks muse are crap should really go see them live, and trust you pre madonna music critics to say that muse are copying queen, dont be stupid for christ sake if your going to say that you may as well call mozart the inventor of music, just because it sounds like it doesnt mean its a refference, i call it co-incidence where 2 bands stumble over the same great sounding riff

  • Mav 0 points

    They opened with this song at Wembley on the 16th... They extended the intro til it was nearly 4 minutes long. I nearly creamed myself all the way through it. Epic song, epically played and performed by Matt, Chris and Dominic.

  • Aldin 0 points

    Amazing song. This song alone got me back into the whole Muse addiction. And i just went outand bought Origin of Symmetry and Black Hole & Revelations. Then soon after i learned the original recording of this song will be included in Guitar Hero III!!

  • alex 0 points

    Hey this song bloody rocks i used to think muse were a crap band that had bald heads but now i love muse i like plug in baby the best though it is the ULTIMATE and by the way i can read russian elicia said muse are the owst band ever they suck my arse cheeks the worst music in america

  • Thomas 0 points

    This is a great song! at first i hated it but after one day of my friend playing it consistently... now i love it!

  • Thomas 0 points

    The Best Song ever is Knights Of Cydonia! I love it i will never stop listening to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 0 points

    Knights of Cydonia grow on you line athletes foot, except in a really good way.

  • DeathWish 0 points

    PAPERS! ^.^

  • tommyB 0 points


  • Jack 0 points

    ARE YOU JOKING!!!! It doesn't sound like Queen, but REALLY sounds like MARS VOLTA!!!!!!!!!!

  • Natlee 0 points

    i don't think their new stuff is as good as their old stuff. But Muse are still breaking through with this new album. =]

  • SEAN! 0 points

    Muse rocks!!! i loved then since absolution.... im from malaysia... n their concert wuz amazing... ROCK ON MUSE!!!

  • Peekaboo 0 points

    Interesting song...gud work Muse

  • dilly 0 points

    such a great piece of song, . . yeah this song should be in the soundtrack for ghost rider and whenever i hear this song it makes me really energetic .. not to mention relax.. matt bellamy rawks. .even im not really muse fans but now i am :) . i never recognise his voice, whenever i hear any of his songs i was thinking "whose song is this?? " and kept on asking do u know which band is this?" my surprise its muse..this is not the first time muse made me thinking. .supermassive blackholes as well..such a great art of video plus lyrics . .well done Muse *cheers* keep up!!

  • mello 0 points

    i like this!!!!,i like this song

  • naim 0 points

    absolutely great!!
    i love diz song..!

  • COLLINS JOHN 0 points


  • Ida Marie 0 points

    Muse is the bestbestbest band EVER! And I love this song:D

  • LAURA 0 points


  • niku 0 points


  • Kat 0 points


  • Phil 0 points

    its "veins of history" ont "veils of history"......


  • Brian 0 points

    First thing I thought when I saw the preview for Ghost Rider: This should be on the soundtrack. Sound effects, lyrics, and tone of the song are perfect for it.

  • rob 0 points

    just got to say this album is amazing and theyve really excelled this time heard knights of cydonia on kerrang a couple of times and had to buy the album and it aint dissapointed!!!

  • Fanny 0 points

    I went to the concert yesterday in Paris and they were amazing, there is no other words!
    the began by Knights of Cydonia with huge lights installation behind, Bellamy is a genious, 4 albums and he is still so inspirated!

  • Dom 0 points

    OMG! I LOVE THIS SONG LOL IT ROCKS SO MUCH! id love to go and see muse live cant wait for their next tour!

  • JCARPIO 0 points

    El MUSE es asombroso-mate es brillante en todo que él -especial cantante! ¡Amo todo su álbum-tengo decir los caballeros del cydonia fantástico-y del ive oyeron que jugó toda la manera a través encendido radio doble 9-una vez que! ¿los que no tengan gusto del muse justo bastante-pero a porqué

  • asian Invasion 0 points

    Asian Invasion (featuring a white guy for Moral decency, Political correctness and

  • erika 0 points

    this song is bumting

  • Rou 0 points

    Some Morricone feeling in this song indeed...Well observed Filipe ; Queen ?? mmmmm no. If you want to find similarity you ll find though.

    And it makes me think of Air too, weirdly or not that weird actually.

    The multi voice part is brilliant, like a hard sun.

  • lynne 0 points

    Muse are amazing-matt bellamy is brilliant at everything he does-especially songwriting! I love all their albums-have to say knights of cydonia fantastic-and ive heard it played all way through on radio-once!to those who dont like muse fair enough-but why are you bothering to read about them?doh!dont waste your time haha!

  • Filipe 0 points

    But hey, there's nothing wrong about having refferences to your own music. It's a great album, with songs like those I mentioned (other faves would be "Death on two legs" and "The Prophet Song"), by a band with songs that are everlasting. Muse is a great band, they have awesome musicianship, and perhaps one day they'll attain that same level as Queen rightfully earned.

  • Filipe 0 points

    But it does sound a bit like "'39", particularly the choir (which has a "western" feel to it). It's a stomp, not a rocker, anyway Matt probably listened a lot to "A Night at the Opera", one time or another. The riff on the final section of the song has a sort of "attack" which seems a tid bit like the riff at the end of "Bohemian Rhapsody" (right after Freddie sings "Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me"), another track from "A Night at the Opera".

  • Filipe 0 points


    I was actually curious if anyone else thought that there might be reminescences of Queen on this one, which is the reason I'm now here.

    Love both bands.

  • Stefan 0 points

    I don't really get the reference to Queen, yeah a tiny bit of the choir might have sounded a bit like something Queen once did, but that's about it. To me it sounds just as much like The Who.

    When that's said, I've gotta admit that I don't fancy this song. Nowhere as good as the stuff from Origin Of Symmetry.

  • BARRY 0 points


  • jonny 0 points


  • +++jim+++ 0 points

    Knights Of Cydonia Is A Good Song.... But They Opened With It At Leeds This Year, And It's Not As Good As Hysteria...

  • steven 0 points

    weird, but really good song, its growing on me very slowly :)

  • NG 0 points

    If anything there is a Thin Lizzy influence especially when they break in to the lead solo about four minutes into the song. Even the dramatic lyrics seem a little TL influenced.

  • Oscuro 0 points

    Shut up, Katerina, I am not going to sink to your level and trade insults, but if you actually read my post, you will see that I thought it might be Russian, idiot. Quote:

    "........Ok, can anyone read modern Greek (Russian?) and tell me what Ellica said? I get the last bit is "music in America", but the rest..."

    LEARN TO READ, and also take some lessons in punctuation.

  • katerina 0 points

    OK IDIOT oscuro that is NOT modern GREEK u testicle head its russian thats an insult 2 me bellend

  • Oscuro 0 points

    Zaphod, you do not deserve the title "President of the Galaxy".

  • F.M 0 points

    Muse is Muse and no more. Truly the best band around the world, and the best of our times from UK.
    Unfortunately, they will never come here. but this band is great, and it will be never compared to anything.

  • lala 0 points

    this is for Zaphod Beeblebrox :
    how can u say such things about muse???
    maybe u should give up...the first album of muse i had listened to was black holes and revelations and i fell in love with the at first "hearing" ur opinions for urself.

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