Utah Phillips

Starlight on the Rails: A Songbook Lyrics

Disc 1

  1. Songbook Introduction
  2. Utah on "The Telling Takes Me Home"
  3. The Telling Takes Me Home
  4. Utah on "Yuba City"
  5. Yuba City
  6. Utah on "All Used Up"
  7. All Used Up
  8. Utah on "Frisco Road"
  9. Frisco Road
  10. Utah on "Queen of the Rails"
  11. Queen Of The Rails
  12. Utah on "Wabash Cannonball/Tolono"
  13. Wabash Cannonball/Tolono
  14. Utah on "Weepy Doesn't Know"
  15. Weepy Doesn't Know
  16. Utah on "Funeral Train"
  17. Funeral Train
  18. Utah on "Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia"
  19. Utah on "Green Rolling Hills of West Virgina"
  20. Green Rolling Hills of West Virginia
  21. Utah on "Pheobe Snow"
  22. Utah on "Phoebe Snow"
  23. Pheobe Snow
  24. Phoebe Snow
  25. Utah on "He Comes Like Rain"
  26. He Comes Like Rain
  27. Utah on "The Soldier's Return"
  28. The Soldier's Return
  29. Utah on "Touch Me"
  30. Touch Me
  31. Utah on "If I Could Be the Rain"
  32. Utah on "If I Cold Be the Rain"
  33. If I Could Be the Rain

Disc 2

  1. Utah on "Starlight on the Rails"
  2. Starlight On The Rails
  3. Utah on "Talking N.P.R."
  4. Utah on "Talking N.P.R. Blues"
  5. Talking N.P.R. Blues
  6. Talking N.P.R.
  7. Utah on "John D. Lee"
  8. John D. Lee
  9. Utah on "Dancers"
  10. Dancers
  11. Utah on "Dog Canyon"
  12. Dog Canyon
  13. Utah on "Look for Me in Butte"
  14. Look for Me in Butte
  15. Utah on "Goodnight Loving Trail"
  16. Goodnight Loving Trail
  17. Utah on "Daddy, What's a Train?"
  18. Daddy, What's A Train?
  19. Utah on "Fly Away"
  20. Fly Away
  21. Utah on "Kid's Liberation"
  22. Kid's Liberation
  23. Utah on "Sing in the Spring"
  24. Sing in the Spring
  25. Utah on "Eddie's Song"
  26. Utah on "Eddy's Song"
  27. Eddie's Song
  28. Eddy's Song
  29. Utah on "Shadow Maker"
  30. Shadow Maker
  31. Utah on "She'll Never Be Mine"
  32. She'll Never Be Mine
  33. Utah on "Hood River, Roll On"
  34. Hood River, Roll On
  35. Utah on "Stupid's Song"
  36. Stupid's Song
  37. Utah on "Nevada Jane"
  38. Nevada Jane

Disc 3

  1. Disc 3 Intro
  2. Utah on Disc 3
  3. Utah on "Orphan Train"
  4. Kate Brislin & Jody Stecher- Orphan Train
  5. Collie Wilkins
  6. Utah on "Golden Mansions"
  7. Golden Mansions
  8. Kate Brislin & Jody Stecher- Golden Mansions
  9. Utah on "A Ragged Old Man"
  10. Kate Brislin & Jody Stecher- A Ragged Old Man
  11. A Ragged Old Man
  12. Utah on "Collie Wilkins"
  13. Kate Brislin & Jody Stecher- Collie Wilkins
  14. Orphan Train
  15. Utah on "Miner's Lullabye"
  16. Utah on "The Miner's Lullaby"
  17. Kate Brislin & Jody Stecher- Miner's Lullabye
  18. The Miner's Lullaby
  19. Utah on "Wolverine 14 Talking Blues"
  20. Rosalie Sorrels- Wolverine 14 Talking Blues
  21. Wolverine 14 Talking Blues
  22. Utah on "I Think of You"
  23. I Think of You
  24. Rosalie Sorrels- I Think of You
  25. Utah on "A Clearing in the Forest"
  26. A Clearing in the Forest
  27. Rosalie Sorrels- A Clearing in the Forest
  28. Utah on "Rock Salt & Nails"
  29. Utah on "Rock Salt and Nails"
  30. Rosalie Sorrels- Rock Salt and Nails
  31. Rock Salt & Nails
  32. Utah on "Twist and a Pound"
  33. Twist and a Pound
  34. Mark Ross- Twist and a Pound
  35. Utah on "Scott's Creek Bluff"
  36. Kuddie- Scott's Creek Bluff
  37. Scott's Creek Bluff
  38. Utah on "Ashes on the Sea"
  39. Kendall Morse- Ashes on the Sea
  40. Ashes on the Sea
  41. Utah on "The Faded Roses of December"
  42. Finest Kind- The Faded Roses of December
  43. The Faded Roses of December
  44. Utah on "Aces, Straights and Flushes"
  45. Utah on "Aces, Straights, & Flushes"
  46. Kate Wolf- Aces, Straights and Flushes
  47. Aces, Straights, & Flushes

Disc 4

  1. Utah on "Going Away"
  2. Going Away
  3. Utah on "Old Buddy, Goodnight"
  4. Old Buddy Goodnight
  5. Utah on "Jesse's Corrido"
  6. Jesse's Corrido
  7. Utah on "Pig Hollow"
  8. Pig Hollow
  9. Utah on "Enola Gay"
  10. Enola Gay
  11. Utah on "Larimer Street"
  12. Larimer Street
  13. Utah on "Walking Through Your Town in the Snow"
  14. Walking Through Your Town in the Snow
  15. Utah on "Room for the Poor"
  16. Room For the Poor
  17. Utah on "Trooper's Lament"
  18. Trooper's Lament
  19. Utah on "I Will Not Obey"
  20. I Will Not Obey
  21. Utah on "Ain't it Fine"
  22. Ain't it Fine
  23. Utah on "Killing Ground"
  24. Killing Ground
  25. Utah on "Judas Ram"
  26. Judas Ram
  27. Utah on "Yellow Ribbon"
  28. Yellow Ribbon
  29. Utah on "Rice and Beans"
  30. Utah on "Rice & Beans"
  31. Rice and Beans
  32. Rice & Beans
  33. Utah on "Hymn Song"
  34. Hymn Song

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