Bishop Paul Morton & the FGBCF


Looking back over my life
I can see how good you been to me. ( Lord you been good)
You brought me over hills and mountains (thank you Jesus)
And I am so thankful ? yes I am (yes I am)
You see I just wanted to let you know.
Just how much I love you so.
Cause if it hadn't been for you. (Lord if it hadn't been for you)
On my side
I never could have made it through those times.

You made a way (oh yea) (yes you did)
You brought me through (you brought me through) ( oh Lord) (you brought me through)
You heard my prayer (I just want to thank you that you heard my prayer) (oh yea)
When I didn't know Just what to do (just what to do)
You brought me out (You brought me out -- Yea) (I want to thank you for bringing me out)
You made me whole (you made me whole ? ooooh)
And I am so grateful to you. Grateful to you.

Everyday (Lord everyday) that I wake up
I realize that I been blessed (oooooo oooooo oooooo ooooo)
It's not any goodness of my own (ooooo stops ) (no no) That I am here today (Halelujah)
You looked beyond my fault (thank you for looking beyond my faults)
And you see just what I need (thank you Jesus)
You're always, (always), taking good care (taking good care) of me (of me me) oooo

I am so grateful (You You) (oooo ooo)
Truly Grateful (I've got so much to be thankful for) (so much to give thanks for)
I am so grateful (I could have been dead and sleeping in my grave)(oo dead sleeping in my grave)
truly Grateful (ooh but you made ole death obey Jesus)
I am so grateful (oh you woke me up this morning)(thank you for waking me up this morning-)
truly grateful (started me on my way) (started me on my way=)
I am so grateful (I don't want to take you for granted ) (no dont want to take you for granted)
truly grateful (I want to let you know how grateful I am )(how grateful I am)
I am so grateful (I'am so grateful ooo) (oo I'm grateful) (truly grateful)
Truly grateful (when I just think about the big things and the little things)(I thank you so much)
I am so grateful (I don't want to take you for granted how you woke me up this morning)
Truly grateful (I won't take you for granted how you started me on my way)( I won't take you for gratned)
I am so grateful (How you woke me in my right mind I'm grateful yea)
Truly grateful (I'm grateful) (How grateful I am)
I am so grateful (How grateful) (how grateful) (yea) (Yea) (I 'm grateful)
Truly grateful (oooohhhhhh)
I am so grateful
Truly grateful

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Grateful Video

Bishop Paul S. Morton and FGBCF Mass Choir Part 1: Tehillah Music Presents Bishop Paul S. Morton and Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship Mass Choir. (video from YouTube)

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