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Angel lyrics

Spend all your time waiting
for that second chance
for a break that would make it okay
there's always some reason
to feel not good enough
and it's hard at the end of the day
I need some distraction
oh beautiful release
memories seep from my veins
let me be empty
and weightless and maybe
I'll find some peace tonight

in the arms of the angel
fly away from here
from this dark cold hotel room
and the endlessness that you fear
you are pulled from the wreckage
of your silent reverie
you're in the arms of the angel
may you find some comfort here

so tired of the straight line
and everywhere you turn
there's vultures and thieves at your back
and the storm keeps on twisting
you keep on building the lies
that you make up for all that you lack
it don't make no difference
escaping one last time
it's easier to believe in this sweet madness oh
this glorious sadness that brings me to my knees

in the arms of the angel
fly away from here
from this dark cold hotel room
and the endlessness that you fear
you are pulled from the wreckage
of your silent reverie
you're in the arms of the angel
may you find some comfort here
you're in the arms of the angel
may you find some comfort here

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  • Kelly 0 points

    I sung this song at my cat's funeral; she was 18 years old.

  • cheryl stevens 0 points

    It had the perfect meaning for me which has always made me think of suicide being the weightlessness that you feel. I recently played that at my son's memorial. I love that song because it seems to give hope of something better. Thank you Miss Sarah!

    The beauty of a song and lyrics is that it is just like the art people stand back in a museum and say"AWWW

  • Laz. 0 points

    This song has so much meaning for so many people, including myself. The lyrics are in fact, referring to The Smashing Pumpkins touring keyboard player, Jonathan Melovin, who died of a heroin overdose in 1996.
    But my fiancee also died of an overdose, Not Heroin or anything like that.., but from chemotherapy and other drugs administered by an oncologist. The words meant so much to us while she was alive, and every time I hear it, I break down and cry. I know that she is with the Angels now, pain free and not suffering. The suffering is with those of us that have been left behind, and we have to endure it in our own ways until our time comes, and we are in the arms of the angel with our departed loved ones. God bless and watch over you Helen. I will be with you one day. Love you forever. R.I.P xxx

  • courtney 0 points

    I love this song it helps me if im lost and dont know what to do. Sarah is the best song writer ever i love her and i hope to meet her some day :)(:<3

  • lou 0 points

    When she talks of being tired of the straight life, that is very meaningful. The person on drugs, is in fact gay and can't find acceptance in the world. In turning to drugs, the life they lead is sad beyond words. They turn to prostitution to support their habit, and when they become desperately tired of the life they lead they remember how life used to be when they were young, they take the ultimate step to stop the agony by taking their own life.

  • DEB 0 points

    Ad's I just heard this song tonight and want to say I love & miss you more than words can say. My heart aches for you. I only hope when I join you in heaven that we will know each other and have all the time we didn't have here on earth. I also want to cuddle and kiss you and catch up on all the news since we last met. I cannot believe you are gone. I feel cheated Ad's and I know you do. I only hope you are at peace now. You were a beautiful, caring and loving person and forever be remembered by many.

  • pegster 0 points

    Wow. I have always liked this song. Believe it or not it was also palayed at my son's fater's funeral as requested by his stepmother. I am an addict. I have struggled with addiction for many years. I never really tried to figure waht this song meant. But now that everyone has opened my eyes this song is even more beautiful to me. i am grateful everyday that god put an angel over me to protect me. I can relate to so much of what has all ready been written. I don't want to die. Addidction is a frickin horrible disease to live it. Sometimnes it is so very difficult to make it through a day. that is why i try to stay in the day, and sometimes in the moment, cause I don't want to fall victim of this disease. I want to live. Thank you God for another day of sobriety.

  • Linda 0 points

    I never knew the entire lyrics until now and I don't know if it is about drug abuse.I always cry when I hear this song.My sister died 6 weeks ago in a MVA and we had this song played at her funeral.She was never truly happy on this earth and now she has found comfort in the arms of the angels.I will always think of her when I hear this sad,beautiful song.

  • Bernadette 0 points

    Cripes! Just came on here to get the words so I can sing them. I knew it was about heroin and that put me off it for a while because it seemed to be saying that the angel 'heroin' was OK. Got to reading your comments and now I'm brought to many sad, suffering souls. God bless you all and bring you peace and joy, here and now...not through drugs or death. You could do worse than trying Jesus. Not some religion...just finding Him for yourself in the gospels and talking to Him in your heart. Best cure I know for a broken heart or spirit.

  • Samir Algerie 0 points

    hear this song, reminds me of a human being imbicile who spends his time running for anything, a coursse the wind yet still unhappy because it ignores or happiness is THERE, it clings to objects ; or place to live with heumains and shared joix and happiness, I believe that man has lost its raison te be; I love this woman and thank you sarah

    Proposer une meilleure traduction

  • Phillip 0 points

    this song means alot to me because, this song got paid at my sons funeral :) its a good song

  • CherBear 0 points

    I'm gonna sing this song with my friend in my choir class. I think this song is about drugs. No doubt. I mean, look at it. "Beautiful release", "Memory seeps through my veins", "may you find some comfort here". Clearly about drug abuse and how she uses it to free herself from the stressful and chaotic world we live in.

  • David 0 points

    I had heard that this song was written about a young gay person who had "come out" to his family and he had been kicked out of his family's home. He could not stand the rejectin and committed suicide in a hotel room

  • susan 0 points

    i love to listen to this song when Iam driving the line I love "in the arms of the angel you find comfort" for me this means a lot because its only in Christ you find comfort after the drama of my day..... Enjoy it.

  • mel 0 points

    i love this song it sounds so beautiful especially the part when it says in the arms of the angl and i heared she made this song because her father passed away. by mel

  • candace 0 points

    This song is beautiful, but very sad; and it makes me weep uncontrollably every time I hear it. My son has been a drug abuser most of his life,and this song makes me think of the wreckage heroin makes of people's lives. They think one more time won't matter, because they'll never be good enough anyway. The "angel" is the drug that pulls them out of their reality and into that surreal world of fake peace. There are evil angels in the spirit realm...the Bible refers to them as fallen...(demons.) I can't help but think of him in that cold dark hotel room he lived in, but I know he never found any comfort in the arms of that evil angel. She sent him back the wreckage of his silent reverie worse off than he was before.

  • Hah 0 points

    This song is about heroin. It always cracks me up when people use it at a memorial or funeral. You think they'd pay attention to more than just the word "angel" before using it that way, but they don't.

  • Jordyn 0 points

    This song is such a beautiful song!! Every time I hear it I cry. Seeing it on the comercial I cry it reminds me that every second an animal is being abused and even dying. This song was such an inspiration and I love it so thank you Sarah McLachlan for writing this beautiful song!

  • Richard 0 points

    I have watched and heard this song on My Space by different people. I have read the comments and agree with a lot of them. Myself, I'm waiting for my time and hope it's soon, quiet and swift. I'm 67 and feel done with time. I love this song. I play it over and over again. Some of the other videos are very touching and good.

  • Richard 0 points

    I first heard part of this song when sarah was plugging saving animals on that commercial she made.When I hear this I am reminded of the animals in the shelters. I just by chance seen her video on tv and that's how I found out who sang that song. It's beautiful and heartrendering. Thank you

  • Pippa 0 points

    "pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie"

    People were unsure what this line means.

    The first 4 lines of the chorus are about taking heroin - "in the arms of an angel fly away from here" is the escape/bliss of taking the drugs. The "endlessness" refers to seeing no other escape from being unhappy in life.

    The next four lines are about dying of the overdose: "silent reverie" is the drugs high which is described as a "wreckage" because it's also the state of physical and emotional destruction caused by the drugs. "The arms of an angel" now refers to death, "being pulled from the wreckage" therefore is the moment the addict dies as a result of the overdose. So throughout 'angel' is a saviour/escape from unhappiness but its form changes from heroin in the beginning of the chorus to death in the second part.

  • katie 0 points

    i first heard this song when we were trying to find songs to play for my mum at her funral after she killed her self when i was 18 me and my sisters were sitting tring to find something that showed what my mum must have felt to do this to her slef anf this is the best song that fitted that in so meany ways i listen to this song every day and it makes me remember her smell her face her touch

  • raymond 0 points

    beautiful song, like lost music found again but only Sarah could do this song with the meaning coming from her heart. Beautiful but sad with understanding of the heart.....

  • Holley 0 points

    I have read all the posts here and the many different interpretations on the meaning of the lyrics. I had heard the song prior to seeing the movie "City of Angels" and loved it, but in the context of the movie, everything about the song seemed to apply to me. I have never been a drug or alcohol addict, but an abuse victim. Everyone suffers in different ways and this song can be applicable to all of them.

    Spend all your time waiting
    For that second chance
    For a break that would make it okay
    There's always some reason
    To feel not good enough
    And it's hard at the end of the day

    For me, the first verse as written above applied to me in a relationship, waiting for that second chance, a break that would make it okay. But as an abuse victim, when people push you down constantly, there is always a reason to feel not good enough, and the end of the day is always the worst when you have to go back to your abuser.

    I need some distraction
    Oh beautiful release
    Memories seep from my veins
    Let me be empty
    Oh and weightless and maybe
    I'll find some peace tonight

    Again, as an abuse victim, I needed a distraction, longed for a beautiful release and memories of abuse seeped from my veins. I longed to be empty, no thoughts of pain, weightless without the hold of the abuser and I would pray for peace every night.

    In the arms of the angel
    Fly away from here
    From this dark cold hotel room
    And the endlessness that you fear

    I longed for the arms of an angel, a person to love me unconditionally, someone to take me away from the darkness of abuse and I did indeed feel that I would never escape from the endlessness and fear.

    I could go on and on with the parallels of my life and the song, so whether you believe it is about an overdose or not, the words of the song are so apropos in many, many situations.

    I had an angel come into my life and lift me out of the hell I was in, if only for a short time. But this song continues to give me hope that there are truly angels on earth to relieve our suffering, no matter what our misery happens to be.

  • Shelley 0 points

    The bottom line is there are countless ways to interpret the song but it's simply beautiful. For me, it speaks to those who have suffered from whatever cause, and often drug abuse is only a symptom. I am a victim of childhood abuse. It took years of work and therapy to realize I was more than my abuse. I kept getting involved with people who only reinforced my sense of worthlessness. I always found reasons to not feel good enough.When you are filled with that much pain, you do need some distraction because the memories "seep up." You want your mind to be empty and your soul weightless. You reach the point you will do anything to find peace. The song may be about drug addiction and suicide but it is because you want the pain to end. You may think the drugs will kill the pain but it is always still waiting there and you might think of suicide because you think it will end the pain. In your darkest hour, you do fear the pain is endless but it's not. There are angels out there who can give you comfort and pull you from the wreckage. When you are in your darkest hour, all you remember are the "vultures and thieves" from your past. You lie to yourself because you feel so lacking. So in the darkness, you feel like what will it hurt if I use one more time or if I take my life, no one will care. You've sunk to your knees from the pain and the sadness and you pray to fly away. For some, they never find that peace until they die. But I'm here to share there are angels to help us fly away. I've been in recovery for over 13 years. It took a lot of looking back and learning to forgive myself and love myself. I finally realized I was always good enough. It took 2 very special men who came into my life and gave me unconditional love and I'm talking sex. They loved me when I couldn't love myself. One had lived the life and one was a "law dog." I struggled to get clean but their love saw me through. The last time I relapsed one of them had come to my house unexpectedly and knew I had used. He never said a word but I saw the disappointment in his eyes and I knew I never wanted to see it there again. He didn't turn his back on me. He didn't walk away. He told me he cared for me and would always be there for me but I wasn't ready to believe. The other man who lived the life, loved me enough to bring me through.He was clean for years. He could do it to help me but in the end, he couldn't do it to help himself. His pain was too much to bare, he had seen too much, been through too much and he could never learn to love himself enough. The one man proved to be true to his word and is still my friend. The other man was my husband and I will always love him. He will probably never know peace until "he is in the arms of an angel and flies away." So before people are so quick to judge, maybe, just maybe they should stop themselves because they don't know what pain someone may bear. Two angels gave me back my life. One is still there and one won't find comfort till he's in the arms of the angels. I've gone on to be a therapist and hope that I can be an angel to give some comfort here. So if anyone is still suffering, please believe there is hope out there. Don't give up. There are those of us who care and have been there. To Bill, may you find some peace and carry my love in your heart. To the other, thank you for still being there. I love you both. You gave me back my life.

  • Curtis 0 points

    I don't think its about heroin or OD'ing at all.

    I think it's about the loneliness of life on the road. And that despite the crowds and adoration, she is never feeling "good enough." Her songs of love "Keep on building the lies, That you make up for all that you lack."

    She spends the lonely hours thinking about a lost love, and fearing that her life in "cold, dark hotel rooms" and the "endlessness" of that life will never allow her to find a long-lasting love again. But despite the "madness" of the life, it is the "glorious sadness" of performing, and finally, sleep "in the arms of the Angels" that allows her to escape and find comfort from her fears.

    That's what I think it is about.

  • Kathy 0 points

    I lost my only brother last month. While driving by the crash sight last wk I ask him/God to give me a sign that he was alright. A minute later I changed the radio station and "Angel" was playing...I know this was my sign that he is with angels whatever the meaning of the song. It brought peace to me.

  • Kevin 0 points

    I have ADHD and I know that makes me different from others, but not in a good way. Rejection came early, as a little boy, so I named myself "Born Wrong" and have had depression all my life. In many ways this song addresses my feelings and the feeling that maybe it would be better to not have to continue on. But that would hurt others in my life, so I go on, mostly empty inside. This song reminds me of all the suffering that people all over the world suffer, silently, inside.

  • Julie 0 points

    I'm a 50 year old woman who has lost her mother too young, lost her daughter, had her house burn down, been told her husband was dying and they couldn't do anything about it ( now 19 years of his suffering) and I think this song releases some of the pain and reminds me that God always gives us a second chance and He has an angel with us to help us through. My daughter of 14 sings this around the house(Dad's song) and can put shivers down your arms. It has helped us all...THANKS to the author & Sarah!!!!

  • L 0 points

    I was never a drug addict, prostitute, someone who od'd, etc., but a normal everyday person who lost everything in the snap of a finger, lost everything.

    Have any of you lived in a hotel room, that was were you lived? Because you had no choice, at least at the time you didn't believe you had one? Being stuck with no where to go and no one to help you? Being with someone that you believed was your partner only to be your enemy? The days and nights, months and years of endless dreaming of a normal life? Like when you were a kid? When you were loved? But you can't turn to anyone for fear of being chastised? Not thinking of suicide, just hope to get you though. I cry so much when I hear this song (even now) it somehow got me through the dark years. I kept waiting for things to get right, the worst happened- but then what could be worse - living in a hotel, lying to my family and friends about the reality of my life, losing almost of all my savings, then I lost my job. But then only to get a better job, I have my own home now. I finally realized the person I thought was my lifelong partner wasn't, but I am ok with. I love my life with my gardens, my peace, and my life. I got my second chance.

  • Georgette from Jamaica 0 points

    I am absolutely blown away by the timeless beauty of this piece. Sarah's aluring vocals coupled with the soft dignity of the musical accompaniment breaths life into the songs powerful words. It stirs my soul. Absolutely beautiful! I hope to sing alongside Sarah one day. That would be absolutely amazing !

  • Shawty 0 points

    im in yr 11 n for my exam i will b doin this song it means so much to me... when i listen to this song it just reminds me of the ppl ive lost but also reminds me of wat i hav... this song is perfect in every way.. i love the lines, "Keep on building the lies,
    That you make up for all that you lack.. thank you sarah for singin this song... xoxo

  • Merle 0 points

    My Father just passed 1 week ago today and my mother waited 16 years to welcome him and NOW he's in the arms of his angel

  • Merle 0 points

    My Father just passe 1 week ago today and my mother waited 16 years to welcom him and now he's in the arms of his angel

  • CJ 0 points

    I hope we can all make our lives happier.

  • Suedonym 0 points

    Lyrics as posted on the Sarah McLaughlan website (

    "from this dark cold hotel room
    and the endlessness that you fear
    you are pulled from the wreckage
    of your silent reverie"

    (it would seem there is a mistake in the lyrics as posted originally here)

  • Steven White 0 points

    This song really makes me cry because my granddad passed away nt to long ago

  • Dumbass 0 points

    This song sucks and she touched me and i did not like it.

  • Norman 0 points

    this song has touched me in a way that nothing has ever touched me before! when i listen to this song i feel like i am in the arms of an angel. when my mother died because she was raped gutted and had her skin turned inside out this song was played at the funeral and i saw an angel rise above her casket. so that means that sarah mclaughlan is in fact an angel of god and in my eyes. I LOVE YOU SARAH PLEASE TOUCH ME MORE

  • arlene 0 points


  • h2oBong 0 points

    This song will always make me cry! It is beautiful!

  • Genna 0 points

    I think this is about a very old and sad prostitute
    who realizes she has pulled her last trick. She knows she doesnt have the strenght or will to continue this life and ends it all in a motel room with noone by her side but the Angels.

  • christina 0 points

    This is an absolutely amazing song!!! Disregard what the song is about or for whom it was written. How the music and the lyrics impact YOU and how YOU use it to get through whatever YOUR trials may be is whats important. The fact no one seems to know the whole story behind the song means the purpose must not have been widely publicized and therefore hints to the idea that this beautiful song was meant to be enjoyed by everyone for whatever their reasons may be. Ease up on the debate and just enjoy the range of emotions this song brings. Peace and love to all.
    BDM-RIP ^j^ C

  • Molly 0 points

    this song was actually written for guitarist Tim Kelly of the band Slaughter after he died in a car accident, hance the lyrics 'you were PULLED from the wreckage'

  • brooks 0 points

    This song will always make me cry. My wife and I had a tormented marriage but we loved each other very much. I don't think we ever realized how much until she was diagnosed with cancer. I heard this song the day after she died and I completely lost it, as I am doing right now just writing this message.

  • ELLE 0 points

    this song is about a heroin addiction.

  • Jessica 0 points

    When i first heard this song, i was seven years old. It was pouring down raining as my mom and I were in the car. She heard this song on the radio,and she told me it was her favorite song. She said she loved the lyrics and Sarah's voice. My mother died when i was eight years old. Listening to this song, helps me relive the memories that me and my mom shared. Every time i listen to it, my mind goes back to that day. It's a really good song, and i love it too.

  • Candy 0 points

    this song was played at my grandmas funeral.i love it soooo much and it expresses how she felt when she was on her death bed. this song is very sad but it makes me happy to hear it because i think of her..god bless her..

  • Roisin!! xXx 0 points

    awwh..=] diz son iz fab.. i sang it @ my grandads funeral.. evrytime i hear it i cry..=[


  • Hazel 0 points

    This is like the best song ever! I don't agrre about the suicidal theory but it is about someone dying and going to heaven. I think the dark hotel room represents of how terrible the world has gotten with all of it's sin. So this person gets to escape and go live with jesus. So in away I wish I were them,but we all have one chance to live our lives the way it should be. So make the best of what you've got and god bless!^_^

  • brooke 0 points

    i love this song.. im doing a school assignment on it.. it makes me feel good when i listen to it...
    i love sarah!


  • Alan 0 points

    A friend sent me some beautiful pictures of mountains, sunsets & etc. Angel was the background music. I had never heard it, I asked who it was and played it. I have never read or cared about the lyrics. Like other's I'm recovering from a 32 yr marriage and divorce. The beautiful way Sarah sings Angel, it is a soulful, restful, haunting song that soothes the trouble mind and heart..GREAT listing for the lonely.

  • Jillian 0 points

    Sarah is such a beautiful artist. She speaks in such large volumes. All of her songs carry meaning and touch my life in different ways.

  • Jamie 0 points

    this is the most beautiful song ever.
    it makes you feel like everything is ok and that your safe.

  • haley 0 points


    Your music is amazing, especially this song it was played at my grandmas funeral along with many of your other your songs. Have you ever felt like you wanted one of those moments just to think back and remember all the goodtimes you had w/ that special someone well I have and I listen to this song every time to because me and my grandmother used to sing it together! I love your music!



  • Tracy 0 points

    This song was sung at my cousin's funeral.
    When i hear this song i get very upset.But
    i know she's safe and she's happy.I will
    miss you sara and i love you xoxoxo

  • Rheanna Carter Lambert 0 points

    the sheet music is wrong Emily. I have every Sarah Cd. They all clearly state the lyrics printed on this site Are correct.

  • Tommy 0 points

    I always thought this song was about a man finding something in his mistress that he is not getting from his wife. He meets her in a hotel room and it is sweet but sad at the same time because neither of them can complete him. He's not sure what is right anymore, if anything.

  • L33yah-x 0 points

    R.I.P chelc nan..this song is the most depressin but wounderful song eva x lurv yah all x

  • Chelsea 0 points

    this song was played at my nans funeral. it means so much to me. i do want it played at my funeral to. when i listen to it at night, i cry. but i know my nan will always be here in my heart! i love you nan xx

  • Emily 0 points

    the lyrics have a few mistakes in them. i have the sarah mclaughlin sheet music book and instead of:

    And the airlessness that you fear
    You are burnt from the wreckage

    it is actually :

    And the endlessness that you fear
    you are pulled fromthe wreckage

    just thought i'd share that :)
    im singing this son in the talent show w/ my friend playing the piano. it wont be nearly as good as sarah, but we;ll try ahha

  • Ta\'kara 0 points

    I love this song, it always reminds me of my baby niece, who was still born at 22 weeks with spina bifida and water on the brain. It was played at her funeral. Her name was Aaliegha Knott. She will be missed

  • Ruth 0 points

    I never comprehended that that this was a about an addict who od'd. It just made me think of my mother who passed away and made me think that she was in a better place (in the arms of the angels). It's a beautiful song and I just want to think that she's in a better place with less pain. She didn't have an easy life but she did the best that she new how. And I will never stop missing her.

  • Kirsty 0 points

    "Burnt from the wreckage of your silent reverie"...I know that a "reverie" is a pleasant daydream but what she's saying is that his "reverie" was not actually peaceful, his "daydreams" were actually his highs from when he was on drugs and they eventually hurt/burnt him. They were a wreck and they destroyed his life. The angels lifted him out of the hell that his "daydreams" were.

  • Rheanna 0 points

    Actually Angel was written about an addict who odD in LA. Thus "arms of the ANGEL." Sarah is a musical goddess and has touched so many lives through her powerfull lyrics and style. As an example to all of us she has shown herself to be an enviornmental and political heroine by taking a much needed stand.

  • ApertusSum 0 points

    5 April 2007

    The fact this song has become a standard for funerals, weddings, regular Sunday morning services is a reflection disturbs me greatly.

    Because it has 'angel' in it does not mean it is angelic in either meaning or intent. The 'arms of the angel' in this song is the euphoria of heroin. This is NOT about the spiritual beings we call angels.

    Let's keep this song in its proper perspective and stop oversentimentalizing it and using it for every occasion which should be one of celebration of life for this song is ultimately about despair and death.


  • marilyn 0 points

    i first heard this song late one night, on the way to the airport to rent a car and drive home. i had just gotten word that my ex husband, my best friend, had died. i didn't hear all the words but the phrase on the wings of an angel stuck with me and i had to believe it was a sign that he was in a better place. dennis, i will love you forever.

  • Alicia 0 points

    This song was played at my grannys funeral . I choosen this song because this is want my granny was an angel to me and the rest of my family. Thisong give me a lot of comfort to no that now she in the arms of the angels. thank you granny i love you lots.

  • Bobbi 0 points

    This song is just one that a person can apply to any struggle in their life. I love this song, it gives me hope of overcoming struggles in everyday life, and the hope of staying clean and sober for another 12 years. The man I love the most in this world asked me to listen to this song. He is currently taking care of wreckage from his past in Prison. I know how cold and lonely that is. To him I have to say keep your head up, and know it is almost over and you never have to repeat history again. You are loved and can overcome anything with your angel.

  • Malin 0 points

    when i hear this song, i think about eating disorders.. probably because i have been trough it.. and i know thats not what its actually about, but i think others with any kind of ED would agree..
    but i truly love this song! i listen to punk/rock/metal..usually.. but i love this one anyway!
    its amazing how this song made me survive every night sitting in my room being miserable.. ! its just beautiful! i'm going to sing it on my audition when attending to high school

  • Deb 0 points

    Food for thought…about the lyrics…I always try to see where God is in them, if he’s not, then it seems like a story about addictions, escaping reality and failures, centered on ourselves and our inability to trust and grow…because God is Everywhere and without Him we are Nowhere!

    These songs are special because they are spiritual prayers to me.

  • paige 0 points

    my best friend of 25 yrs, her brother died right when this song was popular in february,14,1999 8 years ago today. the song is playing in my mind right now and i haven't heard it in 8 years.

  • Dani 0 points

    My children just lost their father who took his life. My marriage to him ended 10 years ago.This song was played at the memorial and I find it so telling that it was his favorite. We had no idea he was in such darkness. He had to have felt hopeless to leave his loved ones behind. I think this song is exactly how he must have felt-backed up against a wall of lies and feeling like he could never make things right. He needed peace with the angels. This song is of tragedy and heartache but it is also strangely peaceful and beautifully sung.

  • debra 0 points

    this song can mean any thing 4 any one the truth is every''one''has a thorn in them so no matter how you look at this song it is wrote to touch hearts ''no'' not religous but spritual ''yes'' there are all kinds of addictions and sooner or later we will all be in the arms of an angel ''angels'' are here now for those of us that have been blessed enough to realize it but the day will come that each and every one will be escorted to our heavenly father by an angel to answer for our lives on this earth

  • Leslie 0 points

    As a former drug abuser, I know what this song is about. When she talks about how you find a reason at the end of the day to feel not good enough, this in turn enables you to do your drug again. Even though you hate the drug, you still feel comfort from it ,that's what she means by it don't make no difference escaping one last time. You wish the whole time that someone would come and rescue you, an angel maybe? I don't know how I lived through some of the things I've done, I know someone protected me, or I wouldn't be here writing this message.

  • chara 0 points

    just perfect!!!

  • Carol 0 points

    Beautiful song, the words mean so much to so many.

  • Sharon 0 points

    All art, including music, speaks to each person differently; it is in the eye, or ear, of the beholder. I understand and empathize with what Reb said, and am glad for her that she has found her angel. Anyone who has lost their dreams through divorce can attest to the "endlessness that you feel" especially at "the end of the day." Mine was a 25 year marriage, and I'm still "waiting for that second chance, for a break that will make it okay." In the meantime, this is a beautiful song that has touched me deeply; it is sad, but hopeful.

  • Reb 0 points

    The song touches me because my darkness, my reason for not feeling ok, my wreckage, was a 20 year marriage. After my decision to leave.... I felt the vultures and theives at my back for sure. But I have met someone who loves me as no other...someone with whom I understand comfort and peace. It's in the arms of that angel that I fly away. He holds me and makes me whole again.
    Everytime I hear that song I am thankful again and again for my angel. My salvation.

  • Kellie 0 points

    So...I got to reading these comments and they just made me more and more confused. This song is about an addict who suffered from a drug overdose and unless your loved one went through that I don't know why you'd want it played at their funeral and certainly not at you wedding or at church every sunday. It really bothers me that people hear the word angel and automatically assume this song has any religious back ground. It's a good song but it's used incorrectly.

  • G Pooh 0 points

    As i hear this song play i remember my boyfriend. i called him when he was listenin to it and he was sayin how much he wanted us to be together, watching the stars and keepin each other warm as we listen to the waves crash on the rocks.

  • Teresa 0 points

    I recently lost an exboyfriend due to a heroin overdose.The other day I came across pics that he left at my house.I've been a wreck since then because I think I'm finally grieving over him.I prayed to God and to my ex for a sign that he was at peace and no longer hurting.Needless to say I picked a Sarah Mclauglin song out of the blue, not realizing this song was about someone dying of an overdose. When reading the words I realized this was my sign. Leo may you rest in peace and you are still my world. Finally you can rest now.

  • Rick 0 points

    I hadn't really read the lyrics until today -- it was on my mind for some reason. I agree it's about drug addiction. As a former drug addict who survived an accidental overdose and a suicide attempt, I can only say that it is an incredibly eloquent and beautiful song. In three days I'll have 25 years clean and sober, and this song just made me sob and weep with its beauty. I, too, want it played at my funeral.

  • Sky 0 points

    This song means so much to me and now brings tears to my eyes. It's gorgeous.

  • Leslie 0 points

    I believe the song is about someone who is a drug abuser. Where she says, it don't make no difference, escaping one last time. If you've ever had a problem with drugs you would understand that line. There's always one last time. So you think.

  • Amanda 0 points

    I felt what she felt and saw what she saw. When you are in an angelic presence and you see heaven open it is like nothing you have ever seen or felt before. and the feeling changes you. I restores faith.i now read the bible with new eyes

  • Taylor 0 points

    This is a very very beautiful song. There is a girl at my church who sings this song for us ever Sunday! This song is very beautiful. And touching

  • Shari 0 points

    I was thinking of having this song sung at my wedding during the lighting of a memorial candle (for all the family & friends lost before) you think this is appropriate since may of you state that you heard it at/during a funeral?

  • Lauren 0 points

    it's a good song, it reminds me of alot..
    but it's a very beautiful song, for sure.

  • Selena 0 points

    This song means so much to me. It was played at my Mam's funeral. I sang it two weeks after she died in my school concert. It was also played at my beloved English teahcer's funeral.

  • joy 0 points

    whenever i hear this song i think of my older brother and uncle that died and it always makes me cry and i want to sing it for the talent show but i might just breakdown thank you so much for making this song.. i love it

  • susan 0 points

    i love it,im a former user and it means to me that its not hopeless when u quit drugs.the line"arms of an angel"means to me that there is hope 4 all of us.just look beyond urself.

  • Dale 0 points

    Yes, reverie means pleasant daydream, but this is the WRECKAGE of that daydream, and being pulled from it by the arms of an angel...get it? Read the words!

  • shani 0 points

    i think its about a drug overtake about the reverie of the persons own silent pary! it is a beautiful song but and when my granny passed away i just started thinking of it constantly sarahs very talented and i would love it as my funeral song but like the drug bits reverbed! beautiful song from a beautiful singer!xXx

  • steven d 0 points

    what i feel pulled from the wreckage of your silent revie is that the song is about a addict and the addict dying is being freed of all thought and warped guilt that they thought was theres and kept it to themselves as abuse of any form is the fuel of any one caught up in addiction .rip for all deceased addict and god bless anyone in the throes of addiction ,hang in there.

  • Jo 0 points

    What do you think is meant by the line
    "You are pulled from the wreckage of your silent revie"

    The word reverie means pleasant daydream but obviously that's not the context here. It seems like a fantasically powerful lyric but I dont think I really get it.

    p.s it's a beautiful song

  • Sunny 0 points

    this is the most heart felt and gorgus song i have ever herd, it makes me cry, laugh, happy ,sad and every possible other emotion. it is such a meaningful and deep song and i belive that every individual can change it to how they wish to see it. i no it is about an OD and all but wen i listen to it i really hear about a deep underlying sadness and self hatred that i feel, it touches me and helps me get through those times. XXXX this is my fav song of all time ;P

  • paige 0 points

    I love this song its beautiful sarah is so talented and i would love this song to be played at my funeral. It has so much meaning to it and so peaceful but sad at the same time.

  • JJW 0 points

    i love this song and if my school has a talent show this year then i might sing this song for the show!!! i love this song!!!

  • Alyssa 0 points

    This song has alot of meaning to me... it was played at my grandfathers funeral when i was younger. I feel that this song can be taken different ways, i think its about having faith and believing that there is another side that is peaceful and happy all the time (heaven).
    This song always warms my heart when i hear it thank you

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