Sarah McLachlan

I Will Remember You

I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories

I'm so tired, I can't sleep
Standin' on the edge of something much too deep
It's funny how we feel so much but cannot say a word
Though we are screaming inside, we can't be heard

I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories

I'm so afraid to love you, more afraid to lose
Clinging to a past that doesn't let me choose
Once there was a darkness, deep and endless night
Gave me everything he had, oh he gave me life

And I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by
No weep not for the memories

And I will remember you
Will you remember me?
Don't let your life pass you by
Weep not for the memories

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I Will Remember You Video

sarah mclachlan - i will remember you: sarah mclachlan - mv - i will remember you one of my favs. from her album Rarities, B-sides & Other Stuff (1996) ... (video from YouTube)

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  • SAMARA says


    posted 21 April 2006 - Report

  • Jessica says


    posted 06 May 2006 - Report

  • chantal says

    omg i love this song it was played at my grandpa's funeral, i'll never forget him when i hear this song.

    posted 09 June 2006 - Report

  • sarah says

    I love you music!!
    It is very touching! it is music to my ears! lol

    posted 09 June 2006 - Report

  • Christina says

    I love this song. It was played at my grandpas wake. I will never forget him and i listen to this song all the time to remind me of him. I cry every time I hear it, but in a good way.

    posted 10 June 2006 - Report

  • Stephanie says

    I cry every time i hear this song. It was played at the Funeral for two of my best friends who Died tragically in a car accident. Hearing this song makes me remember all the wonderful times we had before they died.

    posted 28 June 2006 - Report

  • james says

    we are going to sing this song at our principal s retirement programme

    posted 05 July 2006 - Report

  • kyla says

    I love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love singing to it

    posted 28 July 2006 - Report

  • angie says

    my b/f borck up w/ me it makes me cry

    posted 12 August 2006 - Report

  • amanda says

    They played this song when I was on a telethone for muscular dystrify.
    My sister, Alexandra passed away from that unfortunate disease & everytime I hear it I cry.
    I miss her so much & this song is a reminder that although she's gone; what we shared, our sisterly bond, will Never be Forgotten.
    Love Adore Always sissy.

    posted 09 September 2006 - Report

  • Melita says

    I know I've heard this song before but I was at a very low point in my life needing to make a huge decision about someone and this song came on the radio. I couldn't leave my car until it was over. I wanted them to play it again. It's like I heard it for the very first time and I believe it will always make me feel this way. This song is awesome. Its real and alive and has no bounderies, it will touch everyone!!!!

    posted 12 September 2006 - Report

  • sarah says

    can u please sing american tears. PLease tell me u ow that song i no ull be great at it and please sing it and i luv your song

    posted 19 September 2006 - Report

  • sanura says

    this is one really great song! im gonna sing it in performance music! thanx!

    posted 11 October 2006 - Report

  • allysa says

    I am in sr choir and we are sing this and evry one was crying and they were thinking about some one in there life that died

    posted 19 October 2006 - Report

  • mari says

    this song was sung at my friends funeral by her daughter, the best lyrics to say goodbye to a loved one. i love you rachel you're a strong person may your mom rest in peace.

    posted 30 October 2006 - Report

  • Autumn says

    I love this song and i will forever its me and my best friend/godsend song weve bin as close as u can get and now shes moving to a whole nother state we sat down and couldnt quiet get it through our heads that we werent going to be wit each other anymore than we heard this song and BOOM reality hit us we started crying and we feel a bit better i guess but everytime i hear this song illl think of her
    I LOVE YOU BRI!!!!!

    posted 09 November 2006 - Report

  • Tiffany says


    Your music rox soo much i looooove it, it's sweet actually i'm learing this sonp on piano i'm learning your album piano is one of my specialty's your voice ROCKSSS!!!!!

    posted 30 November 2006 - Report

  • Kym says

    I have been singing your songs for years, in choir, at compotitions, and to any one else who would listen. I love it!

    posted 30 November 2006 - Report

  • SO says

    Remember me Dale....the sweet memories

    posted 25 December 2006 - Report

  • Taylor says

    This was mine and the person who i love song. I made a very stupid move one time and i will never forget her.. every time i hear this song i think why did i do that i miss her so much:(

    posted 13 January 2007 - Report

  • Taylor says

    I miss her so much.. i have our song on my website i have it everywhere i cant gey her out of my mine i wrote a book about her and that song is just... ugh i miss her so much

    posted 13 January 2007 - Report

  • brittany barlow says

    tonight this song came on when my boyfriend and i were in the car. he had told me about how before his brother died he dedicated it to his girlfriend. i started to make me tear up. this song is very touching. he sang some of the song to me and kissed me afterwards, i think this song will always have meaning to him and i can't help but think that this may as well be our song. [dedicated from me]

    posted 15 January 2007 - Report

  • shayna says

    i love this song. my mom dies when i was 7 years old and it reminds me of her. it makes me much.. about everything. thank you for writing this song . so many can relate to this song

    posted 16 January 2007 - Report

  • Haley says

    This song was played at my Aunt Gales Funeral. She was poisined by her neighbor. The whole family loves this song and we cry everytime we here it. I just want to compliment you on your beautiful voice. Every single one of your songs have meaning and go straight to the heart.

    posted 26 January 2007 - Report

  • nice juju says

    lovely song it was played when i met my first love and it was the song that i always listen till this day after we had broke up..... (D)...

    posted 26 January 2007 - Report

  • Alisia says

    omg!! i love this song!!!!! it brings tears to my eyes and i love it! It is going to be played at my grad in June for every1 to remeber each other when we go to different high schools! I cry every time i hear it!

    posted 12 February 2007 - Report

  • Katie says

    I lost a classmate in october to drunk driving, this song along with Promise to try by madonna make me cry. these are ones to remember a loved one by.

    posted 12 March 2007 - Report

  • Sarah says

    I'm having a really hard time with my husband right now... to the point that it's all but officially over. Hearing this song tonight was completely ramdom and it made me cry even more tears that I swore I was done crying for what could have been, but at the same time, I hope it makes it a little easier for him, too.

    posted 08 April 2007 - Report

  • ABBY says

    this song I was listening to it while I take my girlfriend to the airport by the time she was going back home to German,we spend six month together in Tanzania,but she decided to go back home.
    I like the song cause it gives me my frush back memories but I will not weep for it as sarah says

    posted 10 April 2007 - Report

  • Phue Lee says

    I love this song...i might put this song in my movie program and edit the movie of class of memories...and show it to my friends....

    posted 12 April 2007 - Report

  • me me me says

    This song rocks ( i mean not as in 'rock n roll music' as in good song )

    posted 13 April 2007 - Report

  • msjzrx says

    Hi, cool! Nice work.

    Good bye.

    posted 23 April 2007 - Report

  • Jane says

    We are using I'll Remember You in a DVD of our
    fifty years in school at our 50th class reunion.
    Brings tears to our eyes.

    posted 25 April 2007 - Report

  • brooke says

    i love this song and i am using it for my 8th grade graduation song

    posted 25 April 2007 - Report

  • ivnxsj says

    Hello, Greetings!


    posted 25 April 2007 - Report

  • Joy from Barbados says

    This is a beautiful song. Not only can you relate to it but it is though provoking and the melody is soothing to the mind and soul.

    posted 05 May 2007 - Report

  • Brittany says

    This song will be played at my sons funeral tomorrow...born 4 months premature..god bless his soul and sarahs music

    posted 10 May 2007 - Report

  • Kayla says

    This song is gonna be used for our grade eight grad.

    posted 19 June 2007 - Report

  • hali says

    i love this song.
    every time i hear it it makes me cry because it was played at my aunts funeral..\
    it makes me think of all the times we had together

    posted 28 June 2007 - Report

  • Jen says

    I like this song - it makes me want to see the best in things and not weep for the memories, as Sarah says...but remember.

    posted 02 July 2007 - Report

  • J.L says

    Your song is so toutching.... it was played at then end of my camp when we found out who our special friend was.
    Everytime i hear this song it brings so many tears to me:'(
    I just want to let you know to keep yours songs going cause they inspire me. I miss my friends

    posted 26 July 2007 - Report

  • Marta says

    my grandfather died today.he was the most important person in my life.i dedicate this song to him 'cause i will always remember him.'cause he made me the person i am.

    posted 05 September 2007 - Report

  • Lindsay says

    i Love this song sooo much

    posted 16 September 2007 - Report

  • sherry says

    my grandpa just passed away 2 days ago and this song totally reminds me of him....he was so important ro me .....this song really is like just still doesnt seem real...but this song is very dear to my heart now

    posted 05 October 2007 - Report

  • shshs says

    this song sucks i thought it was a differnt song!!

    posted 02 March 2008 - Report

  • linda says

    love this song but the lyrics is don't let your life pass you by not don't let your LOVE pass you by... lol

    posted 07 March 2008 - Report

  • Barham Osman, Kurdish says

    I'm Kurdish from kurdistan of iraq, and i like this song so much, i love you SARAH MCLACHLAN!
    I and Some of my friends every time hearing the english songs especially SARAH MCLACHLAN Songs
    cos her voice changes me to the past times..
    Yhnx alot.

    posted 26 April 2008 - Report

  • Tayla says

    I look back on a lot of memories and cry because I'll never get to go through that same exact memory ever again. Cherish the time you have. You only get one life. Be worth something. I love this song. Don't cry over the past. Look forward to the future. It'll get good too.

    posted 28 April 2008 - Report

  • Melinda Gonzalez says

    at the end of each high school soccer year we make a video and at the end is a part for the seniors and this song is played its really sad when we go back and watch it and this song is perfect for the moment

    posted 22 June 2008 - Report

  • Kelly says

    My mom meant so much to me, she passed away on September 26, I still miss her so much, and this song keeps popping up on Pandora every day so I'm thinking it's her asking me to keep her in thoughts. Thanks Sarah, love all your songs, what a great artist you are.

    posted 04 November 2008 - Report

  • Stephaniee says

    This was a song that played during my grandmother funeral, she and I were best friends. And now i feel that there no point of life without her. Also now, my cat is dying, I believe this is one of the hardess songs to listen to in my life now cause it seems like everyone that i love must leave me at the wrong time in live. And Now i must move on but i just cant seem find the right steps to follow. And I still cant seem to finish listening to this BEAUTIFUL song. :(

    posted 02 February 2009 - Report

  • always says

    ı made a very big mistake and ı lost the man who ı love... ı am so sorry but ı know he will not forget me when ı listened this song,he suddenly came to my mind. I will always love u cem...

    posted 16 February 2009 - Report

  • jessie <3 says

    jeezz i love this song to the end of the world and back .. plaied at my best friends funeral, died of a drugs o/d ... i learnded alot from that and i miss her lke crazy and this song helps me remember the good times we had

    posted 18 June 2009 - Report

  • I Will Remember You Lyrics – SARAH MCLACHLAN – Lyricszoo | Images and all!! says


    posted 21 September 2009 - Report

  • Awesome says

    What an AMAZING song! So moving she has a gift!

    posted 19 October 2009 - Report

  • erika says

    my music teacher just moved and we were working on this song he was so proud when i sang it at big concert in montreal..i was sad when he left but he tought me how to sing i love this song it thought me ALOT!!!! thank u sarah

    posted 24 November 2009 - Report

  • Stephen says

    check out the beautiful use of this song as a tribubt to Xena and Gabrielle on YOutube

    or search for "Xena Warrior Princess - Weep Not"

    posted 13 December 2009 - Report

  • elisha says

    this is our class song :) were a really close class and it fits great :) go seniors 2010!

    posted 15 December 2009 - Report

  • Jim says

    My mother and my "Super Hero" went home to the Lord on March 25, 2008 after 80 wonderful years of life. In June of 2009, Courtney Dawn, one of my nieces and one of my mother's ten grandchildren at age 17, completed and published a Powerpoint presentation entitled "Tribute To An Angle" featuring several photographs of Mom, and places and things that were meaningful to her in her life. This song, "I Will Remember You" by Sarah McLachlen, was the theme song that Courtney Dawn selected and integrated into into her masterpiece to honor Mom. Sarah, God Bless you for a song of such beauty.

    posted 18 April 2010 - Report

  • Amy says

    This is the perfect song to express my feelings for my two boys, Alec and Ben, that I gave up for adoption many years ago. I think of them every day and this song brings me to happy tears every time. I will always love you boys, wherever you are...

    posted 21 May 2010 - Report

  • Joanne says

    Beautiful song - I was reading all of the comments and can totally relate to everyone that has lost someone lately. My Mom passed away recently and the pain is almost too much to handle. Somehow this song makes me feel her presence.... I love you so much Mom. To Stepaniee that posted here - I hope you are ok, I cried when I read your post. Why do things always seem to happen all at once. My thoughts are with you, where ever you are.

    posted 28 June 2010 - Report

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    posted 05 August 2010 - Report

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    I Will Remember You Lyrics – SARAH MCLACHLAN – Lyricszoo

    posted 24 August 2010 - Report

  • Band member picture saosin - Saosin band - Band member says

    I Will Remember You Lyrics – SARAH MCLACHLAN – Lyricszoo

    posted 15 September 2010 - Report

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