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After Hours lyrics

Awwww man
It's late as ****
The sun is coming out
It's a long *** night, but I feel good.
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I really give a **** what you think
You could judge me until your face turns pink
Just ripped the show and we did what you can't
Luck, and I'm drunk and I'm far in the paint
I'm in Prague, she's in awe
Never really seen a black man with charm
Hopped in the cab and we off to the bar
On the other side of town where the drinks come strong
Five in the morning, I know the night young but she yawning
Took her to the 'tel let her feel what she wanting
I know I did it big I could tell by her moanin'
In the morning' in the mornin'
I know things could get all crazy
But you made it from the hating
I know, I know
Girl you all up in my mind
I just wanna see you go shine
So let's go, let's go
I'm taking a long as flight overseas
Sleeping on the plane until I reach Germany
Tiny group of people in Berlin, they heard of me
Stepping on stage to murder **** around three
Stinky muthafuckas usually surround me
But I don't clown, the got love for my sound
They want to see a party go down
With a cigarette burning past the filter, degrees
In the club hot mic feeds, they hop like fleas
When they feel the energy
They got the Pac white tees
But they love a little me
they love a little me, they love little me
I'm on the Westside of town
A tiny little spot where it all goes down
A black new world in the bottom of the village
With cute little girls in their black bottom, vintage
High heeled boots, and they sippin'
Two dollar cabernet , juke joint spinnin'
Late night n*gga cabaret never endin'
Lindy hoppin to new be-boppin'
And fools be stopping through fitted
Wonder where it was? Better get in
Or holla at Diallo if you with it.
That's my n*gga
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
It was a foreign exchange like Tay and them
Eatin' Mickey D's breakfast at six AM
Ain't nothing flyer than a Japanese sunrise
I wasn't just trying to hit it like some guys
Hash browns, hotcakes, and I cleaned my plate
I can't count all the bullshit that I done ate
She told me that she spoke English and I said great
Grabbed her hand out the club and I said let's skate
(Let's Go)
Man this life so special
When the stress and strife try to test you
DUI and they try to arrest you
If you faded coming home from the club, God bless you.
I had a party at my house tonight
Every girl that came through looked tight
All the homies had fun, there's no need to fight
So much drank and weed to keep us high as a kite
Now the sun is coming out, to chase the night away
If you listen really close, you could still hear the DJ play
She was beautiful, I hung on every single word she said
Like, let's get close there's no time to wait
My n*ggas ain't gotta go home
But ya'll sure can't stay
Good music for the grown and sexy,
My lady and I, two of the best seats
But we ain't sitting down, we in step see
Big booty up close, pressed to me
I grab her waist and I smell her perfume
Jill Scott keeps singing her tune
Full moon and it's feeling real now
Babysitter, one o'clock and we still out
Blow the joint, breath the air, hit a detour
No one can see us in this lot, you could be sure
Make it hot, get the windows steamy
Car rocking, it's great to be me
Let's go. Ha!
We could fly to Galapagos
Swim in the Ivory Coast
Roll in the sands, hand in hand
Let me hold ya close
Sip on some wine and toast
Down the shore lines and posts
Livin' the dream
Knaw' I mean
We be doin the most
You the one that I chose
Rub you down to your toes
Let's see how far this goes
Under the cosmos
Two searching souls
Where it ends? Only God knows
One thing for sure I want you in my tomorrows
Yeah! And all them days after that
I'll be your Romeo, you be my Juliet
And if you with me holler back baby
Yeah! If you with me where you at?
Yeah, Yeah!
And I want to dedicate this to Monsignor, my main man on the boards.
And to everybody that's coming home and it's really to early to go to sleep
And it's too late to call it a late night creep, take yo *** in the house before noon!
Because then you're crazy, and use a condom.
And if you go to jail call your mama because don't nobody else give a **** about you. Peace!
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
Remember the wop? And the cabbage patch?
Did you used to do that? Like that?
Oh, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah
Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh
(Let's go)
To all the late night people
Driving home from the club, you know your *** got work in the morning!
I hope your *** don't get fired.
Living Legends. We invented fun!
We the best in the world, I feel the breast on your girl
Ugh, ugh, ugh..yeah…LEGGEEEEEEEENDS
This is for when you're like six AM, it told you.
And he furniture is all white and plastic,
And you talking to a girl you have no business talking to, because she's too fine
And you ain't never talked to a girl that fine before
Tell her that you know me and it'll be all good
I'm just talking Monsignor, you can cut me off anytime
PEACE! And we out.
I always wanted to say that, peace! And we out
I wanna give a shout out to baby Rio
To Anticon…hahahahaha
To all the hipsters, that shirt cost $60 and you just spilled ketchup on it
Don't that suck? Now it's really limited edition you asshole.
If you come to my neighborhood, we'd beat your mother ******* ***.
That's alright, you driving your mama's Lexus, what's up!
Hahahaha, ************!
That's how it goes in the streets, I love you man
But we gotta clown man, we gotta have fun man
What's life if it's not fun? What's he gonna do man?
It's 6 am you still high off cocaine man
You shouldn't do hard drugs man, you know what I'm saying?
You shouldn't do drugs that are harder than you
If you a soft muthafucker, you shouldn't do hard drugs!
How about that? Because the hangover in the morning is going to beat yo ***
That's the problem, shout out to everybody who was drinking Hennessey all night
Or all you dumb motherfuckers who bought that Ace of Spades champagne
Because Jay-Z put it in his new video. How 'bout that?
How about you have a mind of your own man?
An if you get pulled over like I said before, you're going to jail, but its alright
And if you downloaded this for free, you're never going to get laid again
Like Monsignor. Monsignor, when's the last time you got some pussy?
And if it's 6 AM and you just called a girl that got a bay of yours
And you gonna go have sex with the baby asleep in the bed next you, you scandalous
But it's a way of life you know hat I'm saying?
And if look, look, look, look, to all the Mexican homies headed to King Taco in East LA
I'mma see you out there. Bring your little sister because I wanna get her pregnant.
I'm out though ay...vamanos!

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